Everything that flies on the Air Show

Yesterday I had a lot of photos of all the beautiful things that fly on our town’s yearly Fly Inn.  And there will probably pop up another few posts of lovely aircraft in the next few days.

Today was an extremely busy Sunday. We went to church, as pastors tend to do. Then, after church, Mr and Mrs Rider went for a… Ride! The people following me since April have read about the Bible Society’s Word Riders project. Well, today four of the Word Riders teamed up, with our wives, for a ride to 2 towns away, and had a lovely lunch together. On our way back we went and visited Lodie de Jager, a legend in our biking world, who has travelled right through Africa, on to Siberia and back through the Scandinavian countries. He is having a huge fight against cancer at the moment…  It is always so good to see him, he just have one major defect in his life- he doesn’t like BMW’s! He went  on all his legendary rides on a Kawasaki KLR 650. But what a man, and what a friend!   You can look out for his latest book, it will be translated into English soon, and it is a true love story on an overland travel through Africa… The book’s name will be “Kate”- Lodie de Jager.

We did 200 km for the day, which is a lot for Mrs Rider who does not ride with me very often.

And I went to our evening service as well. And now I want to go and watch the final stage of the Tour de France.

So: I want to bless you with one of my airshow photos, as I went to take photos of everything that flies out there. And here it is…

ImageOk- it was sitting on the tail of an aeroplane…  Off to see our South African raised Mr Froome win the Tour…


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