Weekly Travel Theme: Simplicity

Ailsa’s Weekly Travel theme: Simplicity– Less is more…


I saw this single leaf in November in Scotland, a long time ago when I was at a time with much pain. The sudden beauty of a single leaf on the hard tarmac gave hope…

In June I was in Cape Town during a storm. Suddenly the clouds parted for a little while, and in the few moments of sunshine this single leaf caught my eye- its awesome beauty, just laying in the gutter:


And in the same stormy weather, I stopped outside Franschhoek, and suddenly all the leaves caught my attention around the car on the wet road…


Autumn leaves in the rain just gave me such joy, with their short lived beauty…


4 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Simplicity

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    • We are already starting to see the first leafs of spring. But we did not have any mentionable cold yet- daytime temperatures are still quite high, and even the swallows in our region has not all flown to Europe… maybe the Global Warming is not just rumors…

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