Dream Home

Daily Prompt: Dream Home

by michelle w. on July 16, 2013

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.



Dream home (and dream car…)

I know this is going to sound corny, sentimental, take it as you want…

My dream house is any place that my wife and I are living  in together.  This photo dates back to 1993. Let me tell you the story.  I had finished 6 long long years at university. Then I had to do the compulsory military service of old South Africa. I served as  a chaplain in the Engineering Corps. A young, married one.

We have already been married in my 5th year at university- I was barely 23. I finished university.  The Army waited no more… It was BAD, being married, and having to go through basic training and Officer Training alone- (as alone as you can get in a bungalow full of other guys…)  Then, as an officer, I could live with my wife on base, in a shabby little hut… We had to do a year of military service. When I finished the army duty, I was unemployed. My wife had a good job and she kept us alive… while being pregnant with our first child.  We moved into the personnel flat of a school dormitory (the photo) and I had to do some of the chores like overseeing the study times.  It was noisy in this boy’s dorm, with bells ringing the whole time.  Later on I got employed on a part time basis at a local church.

We had very little money to go around in those days. But we survived, and were very happy- two young people in love…  It is still like that today- after 23 years of marriage. We live in a huge, old church house. My wife makes it a home.  And one day, if I reach 65 years old, I will retire. My dream home will not be large, we do not get that big a salary…  I would love a small house, with room for a library for both of us. I would like a decent kitchen, and an outdoor living space where we can do the BRAAI (South African Barbeque) and have good times with our friends… And a place to park my  Harley (See my Bucket List…)

That Toyota Conquest on the photo was one of my favourite cars of all times, I inherited a little bit of money when my father died, and bought this sporty car with it. It gave me years of good service, but it died in a nasty accident without killing me…  An old man didn’t look, and drove from a farm road onto the national road, right in front of me. I had a high speed accident (100 km/h), nearly head on, without getting even a scratch on myself- it was a model before airbags. The old man survived too, but both cars were totalled.

A Dream home is any place I can stay with my wife, and be happy. A ocean view would be lovely… Or mountains… definitely not overlooking industrial areas.

We DID see this one little cottage near Huntly, Scotland, and this is what I would love to own- a little comfortable place, with a warm fireplace in winter. Just like this: IMG_0111


23 thoughts on “Dream Home

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  3. My dream home is a combination of the house we currently live in (17 years and counting) (or at least 9 of those when we extended our living and office space by buying the apartment next door and were less cramped) plus a few extra’s on the wish list.
    I have an original 1930’s Dutch kitchen… LOVE the style but not the size… It’s miniscule and so narrow that when I was pregnant I had to walk out if Himself wanted to go past me. A BIG kitchen would be a dream come true.
    I miss having a garden because the older I get the more I value growing my own fruit and veggies for better taste, freshness and no pesticides. Our apartment is on the first and second floor, so we have 4 tiny balconies but no garden.
    We have looked at local houses with gardens,but they have always lacked the character features that have been retained in our home, and the biggest downside if we moved?…we wouldn’t get to take some of our fabulous neighbours with us.
    In the end it’s not the big flashy appeal of “stuff”, it’s being comfortable with the things that make you happy… people, the little things like your old fashioned kitchen in the style you love that has had thousands of meals cooked in it with love. the little street where it’s safe for kids to play outside with neighbour kids, the second hand over 30 year old table that’s also old fashioned but extends into the monster buffet table when needed…and the memories of pacing up and down the living room floor in the wee hours with our restless babies…
    When you build memories in the place it becomes more than just a place, it’s becomes a special place in your heart. Even if I won the lottery I’d think hard before moving somewhere else if I didn’t think I could build memories in it like the old house…

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  12. I have just wondered about the WordPress Daily Prompt- it has 150 000 followers, but only 99 people usually do the Daily Prompt… that is less than 1% of the population of DP…?

    • I think some people follow anything. I get the weirdest follows on my blogs especially the flower one 🙂 I suspect the Daily Prompt is the same. I only follow blogs I actually like and want to comment / interact on. Saying this my comment will probably end up in your spam folder, so if you spot it, please free me! A lot of us in the UK are having “issues” 🙂
      Jude xx

      oh, and I do like your post. I’m looking for my dream house right now, but having trouble pinning down the “where”, mountain views and country vs coast.

    • Daar is net te veel goed wat die rondte doen om by alles uit te kom. ek probeer om die weeklikse fotografie ene by te bring en kry dit nie eers altyd reg nie

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