A Wild Game Auction in our Town…

Just outside our town there is a new Auction venue called  Castle de Wildt, They Specialise in Game Auctions, one of the main commercial activities in our region. It is built in the form of a Middle Age Castle…


The people is complaining about the resession, but I counted 11 helicopters when I arrived there…


There were 80 lots on auction today, starting with the Black Impala.  Usually a common impala goes for around R800  (US $ 80) on a hunting farm. What do you think the Black Impala ram will sell for?

IMG_0024R365 000(US $ 36 500)

There was also breeding herds of Nyala on auction. They went for aboutr R 20 000-  R30 000 per bul, and about  R14000- R17000 per ewe. IMG_0031

There were beautiful Sables on auction, that went for round about R250 000 – R300 000. Each.


But The star of today was a Golden Wildebeest Bull named Rommel.

IMG_0059If you want to hunt a common Blue Wildebeest in our area, you would expect to pay around R2500- R3000.  Rommel sold for  R1.85 million! That is US $ 185 000 for a single antilope!  This is his pedigree:


I think some people have more money available than me!


This is the type of toys on display at an auction like today’s Prestige Game Auction:  A Bentley!

IMG_0054And so I found my way home, driving through the tears in my old Mazda Pick-up, feeling very poor… 🙂

16 thoughts on “A Wild Game Auction in our Town…

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  2. I don’t understand … the wild game auction ???!!! Wild game should be wild .. shouldn’t they … like the post and your shots are brilliant, but I don’t like that wild animals are being auctions – but that is only me.

    • Remember English is my far 2nd language… but wild in this sense means exciting, dangerous… yes, game is being sold. People on other continents probably wouldn’t understand, but this helps the game population growing very fast. It helps conservation a lot! A lot of commercial farms in our region became game ranches, drawing tourism to our region. Nothing lost in the process…

      • I understand what you mean .. and I have to admit that here in Sweden … we farm deer.
        I have seen a program from US on farming wild games and I’m sure the animals are treated with great respect and well cared for. Only when I read about auction.

  3. I am intrigued by this auction, and have a hundred questions. I wish I could have gone there with you. 🙂 Why are people purchasing these animals? For a zoo/ exotic pets/ to breed/ to hunt? How fascinating to find a medieval castle in South Africa. And here I was thinking they were all in Europe, ha ha.

    • Hi Crystal… these animals have the best possible life of any game. They are of very exclusive genetic material and they cost more than 100X that of the common type of their species. So they are definitely not hunted or put in zoos. They usually belong to the usually very, very expensive kind of Game Resorts that you would find all around our town. They would be very well protected against poachers and dangerous animals like the lions and leopards. Their whole life would consist of being watched by tourists, while they eat, drink and make love…

      The medieval castle is just a theme, it is brand new- finished building last year. But it was done very, very exclusively, you would enjoy seeing the place inside, filled with leather couches, and wooden furniture. It is such beautiful interior decoration!

      • Thanks for the explanation. It’s hard to imagine buying expensive animals for people to see in a game resort but not a zoo. But that’s why I enjoyed your post: I learned something new today.

    • Yes, free entry, free snacks and drinks, I registered for free and got a beautiful leather bound catalogue with pen and writing paper… they do it in style! But than, a lot of money changed hands today…

  4. In my pre-caffeinated blurry-eyed first reading of this I wondered how in the world a black impala could cost just $80, then this half-asleep unknowing American girl scrolled down a bit and realized you weren’t talking about impalas with four wheels and an engine 😀
    Beautiful photos of beautiful animals! I keep forgetting that we are all spread out over the world here in Word Press land,lol
    And don’t worry about not owning a Bentley yet, you’ll enjoy your Bentley even more when you can buy it with money you’ve made from your writing 🙂

    • 🙂 Thanks Joanne! I would rather have a Toyota Landcruiser VX Limited edition- much more practical for the roads of Africa… Funny about the Impala- we have the original Impala and you have the Chevy… Think I like ours more… But thanks for the visit!

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