Everybody welcome!!! Except…

Photo of golfer Ernie Els at the 2009 Presiden...

Photo of golfer Ernie Els at the 2009 President’s Cup at Harding Park in San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charlize Theron at the Harvard Hasty Pudding W...

Charlize Theron at the Harvard Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year ceremony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Keep Out

by michelle w. on July 9, 2013

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.


Everybody is welcome on my blog… but my mother gets a bit worried about me sometimes about the things I say, maybe it is not always good for her to read…

Friends who have been reading this blog for a few times now, have seen my style. The friends in the blogworld who have met me in person, say that my blog reflects who I am. Although I do not blog about it often, there is always the background of what I believe in.

I really love WordPress in this sense that you have the means to block people who are getting to be a nuisance.  It did not happen in this blog yet, I have  only rejected spammers’ comments so far.

This is not my first blog, and it is not my only blog- I have 3, on 2 different platforms. I have been blogging for 4 years now. And I have had the following nasty experiences in the blogging world:

  •  An aggressive atheist found out who I am, and wrote a letter to my Church board, threatening to sue them and me for the things I say. In that blog he said I condone rape because I believe in the God of the Old Testament. He said nasty things about my daughter, and when I just called his name, not even surname, he threatened me with legal action. He then went and blogged under his own name in any case…  and said exactly the same things. If he would pitch at this blog, he would be immediately blocked.   It is not my style to block people who have different beliefs than me, just when they start interfering with my personal life and becoming threatening towards my family- there I draw a line.
  •  Our Church had a huge storm when a young lady were allowed to become a pastor, when she follows a Gothic lifestyle. Some people on blogs in our country said there is no way that she can be a pastor, she can’t even be Christian, I stood up for her. Some of the firebrand “Christians” on the South African blogging scene started to call me a heretic and other nasty names. The type of comments that can get pastors fired in our church. But the one young man forgot that he used his real name in the email he sent to comment, and I saw it on the yahoomail. He also said nasty things about some other people who commented on my blog, so I published his name and email address so that he can face the people he was anonymously trying to slander.  This was on another blogging platform where you can not block certain comments. On this WordPress blog I would not allow one person to slander another for the comments they leave on my blog.  That is troll behaviour and I have had it with trolls. This guy then tried to lay a complaint against me at our church’s top structures. They just laughed at his efforts because they know me for who I am.  That guy is not welcome at my blog.,.

So who is welcome? Everybody! Except:

  • when you try to take over my blog, commenting on everybody else’s comments. and attacking them for what they say.
  •  When you hurt my family in any way…
  •  When you attack me personally for my race- I did not choose it. I was born a white South African, I had no choice in that, and I am not a racist, as the stereotype of my tribe is internationally known. I am trying to make a positive difference in South Africa, I am trying to be a part of the solution. There is some people in our continent who says white people can not be African, we are European… well, I was born here in Africa, I love it here, I belong here.
  •  When you attack my religion-  I do not use my blog to attack anybody else who has different religious views, or not, from me.  I love the blogging world because I can read everybody’s opinions for who they are, and what they choose to believe.  I treat everybody with respect, and that is all I ask from readers of my blog as well- here I tell my stories, of the part of the world I live in, and the way I experience my life in the human story.  If you have other views than me, thats fine, if I disagree strongly with you I will just move on, it is not my job to change you. If you disagree strongly with me…

So- everybody of any race, sex, belief system, planet, sexual persuasion, language, motorbike type in the garage,  people who loves dogs (but I seriously hate any Maltese Poodle! And dachshunds even more!) cats, goldfish, sharks, dinosaurs (and people who do not believe there was such a thing…) ; Christians- Evangelicals/ Catholics/ Orthodocs/ Pentecostal/ Happy Clappy; Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Buddhists, New Agers, Old Agers, Pagans, Atheists, Car Salesmen, Motorbike Mechanics, parachutists, soldiers, bakers, candlestick makers, nurses, doctors, homeless people, blacks, whites, yellows, pinks, blues, greens, oranges, lemons, or what other citrus fetish you may have, strippers, ex strippers, prostitutes, holy people, writers, dreamers, sailors, and especially the beautiful girls of the world (that sounds sexist, sorry!) firemen, movie stars, supermodels, couch potatoes, retirees, cyclists, especially Bikers!!!, people travelling around the world, Charlize Theron, lumberjacks and Greenpeace folk, rednecks, duckfarmers, Jeremy and Richard and Brian, Ernie Els, pilots and monks- you all are welcome here!

So basically- only one atheist and one super holy nutter are really not welcome here…

PS. Why Charlize Theron and Ernie Els? Because I am from the same tribe as they… They are most welcome here!

33 thoughts on “Everybody welcome!!! Except…

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  2. Awesome post. I wish more people were accepting of differences in others. What a boring world this would be if we all looked basically alike, thought alike, believed the same things, and behaved alike. I love differences, as long as the differences are respected by both parties!

  3. All right, out of respect for you I’ll tolerate those Martians but if they try one more of their stunts with that probe thingy again I’m taking them out.

  4. True dat! Who we are is much more than a color of skin or style of clothes, it is what we make of our selves, it is what we treasure in our hearts, it is who we aspire to become. I like the spirit of your post.

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    • Grandmothers are always welcome… if life goes according to the script my wife will be a grandmother in the next decade, so I better start to be friendly to them… 🙂

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  8. No, the blogposts are read to the doggies every day . . . they have to be knowledgeable as well, don’t they? 😉 They like your blog as well! 10 likes!!

  9. Wow, well said on all counts. I couldn’t agree with you more. Such a shame you’ve had to deal with two, so obviously, messed up individuals. Keep up the good work 🙂

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