In the mirror- The Wimbledon Champ… no, not me…

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror

by michelle w. on July 5, 2013

Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “


I do not like to look in my own mirror that often, mostly just to see if my hair is not resembling the Scarecrow too much. So, I choose to look into another mirror, tomorrow evening- the mirror of the Wimbledon Ladies Champion of 2013. And who do I see?

Sabine Lisicki! 

After she has beaten Serena Williams, she really got my attention in this years championship. I love the way she moves… (that is a song, right?)  She has an amazing serve and plays real powerful strokes. She is a fighter on the court. According to Wikipedia her current world ranking is # 24.

Whatever happens in her final tomorrow with French lady Marion Bartoli, I am sure we are going to see some excellent tennis.

What happened it the past between Lisicki vs Bartoli?

Of course, this is just my opinion. But I am going to enjoy the match as a normal, non-playing spectator in front of my own telly, with a beer or two, and some snacks. May the best lady win…

Wikipedia article on her:

Her personal website is:



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