The Greatest…

Daily Prompt: Great or Greatest?

by michelle w. on July 1, 2013

What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us GREATNESS.


I got hooked on blogging, because some bloggers have the ability to take my mind on a journey. Some have the ability to create whole new worlds. One of my favourite blogs is Rolbos, (Tumbleweed in English) where an imaginary community lives, loves, quarrels, struggles, but stand together against all the storms of life. It is written daily in English, and I just can’t wait for the newest post to arrive at midnight each day. When you follow it for a while, you really get to know all the characters of this small town in South Africa, near the Kalahari desert.  And you can learn a lot of wisdom from the way they debate about everything happening to their world, in their local pub.

Then there are my favourite travel blogs. Sherri Jo’s World Tour is a fine example of a lady singlehandedly taking on the whole world on a KTM.  Her photos are amazing and she tells a story in a way that takes you along.

There is also Jordana on the Appalachian Trail, for months now busy on an incredible journey along this famous hiking route in America.  And so there are a few hundred other blogs I follow. Why do I follow a blog? If someone inspires me, it is really easy to press the follow button. On the WordPress reader I scan the “Travel” and “Photography” tags about every day. If someone’s blog looks interesting to me, I scan a few posts. If it keeps my attention, I follow.

On the blogs I follow, a like is like my visiting card- I have seen your effort, and I appreciate it. Also on the photo’s and travel tag posts- if a photo is beautiful, or they tell me interesting things about places, I like it easily.

The other tag that I follow every day, is all the English or Dutch, maybe if I am lucky Afrikaans posts, of people walking any route of the Camino de Santiago. I love to see the places where I have also stumbled along with my backpack. They inspire me, and sometimes I can just leave a word of encouragement when I see someone having a hard time.

The Greatest Blogs become my playground every day- I love to read some people’s thoughts, or see their photos. And it is not all people with 1000’s of hits, or 100’s of followers. I have made a lot of friends in the blogging community, and reading about their life’s journey can be greatness in itself.  There is such a huge amount of creative people around, sharing their talents on their blogs.  I learn a lot, I enjoy a lot, and sometimes it inspires a post on my blog.

So thank you great bloggers of the world- you guys really keep me in touch with the bigger world out there, for me staying in a small little town far from civilization, in the Bundu’s of South Africa…  Like that one book thief said in Dead Poet’s Society- my version: I read blogs to know that I am not alone…


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  11. I left something out! ALL Motorcycle related blogs I follow easily, restoring/ going around the world/ just loving Bikes- those type of writing is always what I am looking for!

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