When you really need your Ride…




What do you do, when you really really really love your Italian Bike, but the engine seizes?  And you are a diesel mechanic, who was boarded for medical reasons while still relatively young- you just can’t afford to fix this bike the right way- by the very very very expensive Italian motorcycle dealership?

Well- this is exactly what happened to Ben in our town. He loves his bike. But the engine has blown…

So- he fixed it. With what he had an could afford. He fitted a Daihatsu Charade 3 cylinder engine into his Moto Guzzi’s frame.  And so Ben and his wife are still happy Bikers, still going out for a ride whenever he wants…

Die hard Bikers like Ben deserves our respect, for doing whatever they can to keep on Riding.  Woe to you rich-*ss *******s who laugh at Ben and his Motohatsu Guzzirade…


5 thoughts on “When you really need your Ride…

  1. Hiermee bieg ek , ek is vrek bang vir Motorfietse…nie stilstaande nie , amper net so bang soos vir wapens wat se veiligheidsknip afgehaal word .. klieks….

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