Motorcycling- the love… and the danger…

First the sad news- while I was away, taking my mother in law back to her home, there has been another tragic accident. A schoolboy in our town has lost his life on his motorcycle in the past three hours.  He has apparently lost control in a S-turn, and collided with the rear tire of a huge brick lorry.  It always is heartbreaking when children lose their lives so young…  I really pray for his parents, this must be really bad…

Our family has also yet again became crime statistics in this wonderful new South Africa. My daughter was involved in a smash & grab incident behind Menlyn Shopping Mall in Pretoria yesterday. South Africans know this crime well.  The criminal carries a spark plug, with the one end sharpened. He is looking for a vulnerable looking victim, usually female, who has some items on the passenger seat, while sitting and waiting at a red traffic light. He then smashes the passenger window, and grabs the items and just casually walks away. This happened yesterday, at 15h30, right behind the largest mall in Pretoria. And he just casually walked away with my daughter’s new jacket and handbag…  He has showered her in glass fragments, the whole car was filled with pieces of glass. As a father, this makes me furious! To replace the window, and to install anti Smash & Grab clingfilm cost me R2500 today (US $ 250). Which I really could not afford this month…

While returning from the other side of Pretoria, where the only available window was located in the whole city…! I passed the Heart Hospital where Nelson Mandela is fighting for his life. Our beloved Madiba will probably pass through the river Jordan soon. It is so sad to see how big a media circus it is becoming to be already… Madiba has done so much for our country. But every two bit politician is now trying to claim his legacy… sickening…  The whole world’s media are waiting like vultures outside the hospital to give the breaking news to the world…  I really hope he recovers and kick all the necessary  asses! From ABC to Zuma…

All was not gloomy… me and number 3 walked into a motorcycle shop. A mechanic at Klerksdorp’s Suzuki dealer has taken the very ugly AV 100 motorcycle, and pimped it like this:




So there you have it- I am home again. There is sadness and fury in my life. But all my family are safe tonight.  There is also grace. Speaking of Grace… Sleep well, Madiba!


PS. Ok you guys don’t get it… 🙂 The bike above previously looked something like this:

5 thoughts on “Motorcycling- the love… and the danger…

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  2. How old do people have to be to ride a bike out there? I got my 1st (sadly only because of my health) bike when I was 18. A suzuki GS125 🙂 I LOVED that bike! I’m praying that Mandela finds peace and the media circus doesn’t push his doctors into extending his life beyond what is natural. Hope your daughter’s ok!

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