The Shortest Day

Today, I think, is the shortest day here in the Southern Hemisphere.  I am glad. That today can pass me quickly by!  For I have to bury a young single mother this morning. She is leaving 2 kids behind, aged 5 and 2. It feels like one of the worst thing I ever had to do in my ministry.

On a lighter note- someone from Ireland said a couple days ago they were having nice hot weather- 22 degrees C.  In the summer solstice week!  Well, here in the Bushveld it is the winter solstice. Today’s weather for our town is 3 C minimum, 23 C max…

The winter school holidays start today, and now we have to cope with 3 teenage boys for 3 weeks. They are HUNGRY and BUSY…

I am busy with an excellent book- David Baldacci’s newest- The Hit… really good!

And that is all the news for now, for I have to go and shower, and then walk over to the church…


9 thoughts on “The Shortest Day

  1. Yes, it’s the longest day here but whilst it’s warm it’s also grey and very muggy. Everyone is feeling tired.

    So hard to lay someone to rest so young. I hope the children have loving family they can be with now. They are her legacy, she lives on in them.

  2. Why did it never occur to me that the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere coincided with the summer solstice in the north. From today your light is beginning its return whilst ours will gradually fade.

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