The joke was on me…

Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

by michelle w. on June 21, 2013

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FUNNY.


After a traumatic morning, I am not in a mood for jokes… So I will rather tell a sad story- OK with you?

It was during my High School Days. (Secondary School- age 14-18 years, whatever it may be called in your little corner of the world…)

There were three different High Schools in the large industrial town where I grew up. There was the Black/ White School where I attended, there was the Green School, and the Blue School.  As it goes in a large town, different High Schools do not like each other. Teenage boys are full of testosterone and bull… We hated the other schools’ boys, but we loved their girls… As it happened, the Blue School’s guys loved Yamaha motorbikes. The Green School loved Suzuki. And we- we were the Honda fans…

I was the proud owner of a Honda MTX 50 when I was 16. This one, remember?

She was a beauty in my eyes, the most beautiful Bike in the world, for she was mine…

In the part of Kwa Zulu Natal where I grew up, it rained a lot. Summer or winter, rain or shine, hail or frost- we rode our Bikes to school.  There was this long down-hill from our house, to a T junction, where I had to turn right, go over the bridge, and then through the Central Business District to our School.

One rainy day I was late for school. It was really pouring down…  As I neared the T Junction, I saw a Green Guy on a Suzuki Gamma waiting at the red light. The light was green for me, and I entered that turn just like Freddie Spencer would have- our MotoGP Hero that time- elbow out, knee bent, footpegs scraping on the ground. As I went through this impressive curve, I decided to show the Green One what I think of him/ his Suzy/ his school- I flipped him the Bird- the middle finger. And then… oh boy- my rear tire slipped on a oil slick in that turn. I proceeded to slide across the tarmac, with my Bike sliding right in front of me. We missed the steel barried, and slid into the grass and a huge pool of water. Damn, that hurt! But not as much as seeing the Green Guy laughing his ass off, and then racing of to his school.

Fortunately, the most damage was a broken indicator light, and some paint lost. No- that is not true- there were much, much more damage. For I had the only MTX in town. And for the next few months the Green Guys on their silly Suzukis would point at me and laugh when I passed them by…

14 thoughts on “The joke was on me…

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