Kindness to a Stranger

Ok, take II on this subject…


My feet were killing me on the Camino de Santiago. Bad blisters were forming underneath older blisters.  It was a hot day in Spain. I was on the stretch to Astorga.

In the heat I came across this guy. People said in the Albergues later on that he left a professional career in Barcelona to come and set up this Oasis of Kindness on the Ancient Pilgrim Trail.  He just greeted me with the words “Anything is possible”, and continued reading his book. But on his stall there were cold water and several fruit juices. There were various fresh fruit. He did not ask a price for anything, if you chose you could leave a “donativo”- a donation. It was so good just getting out of the sun, sitting beneath his battered blue sail, drinking cold water, resting, before the last stretch to Astorga.

This man wanted a life in which he just serves the Peregrinos with love and kindness.

I salute him for his kindness to a weary stranger two years ago…

I was hungry, you gave me food, I was thirsty, you gave me water, I was tired, you gave me rest… Matthew 25

Buen Camino to you too, my friend!

18 thoughts on “Kindness to a Stranger

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  7. Amazing. I’m not one who sheds tears easily (even when I SHOULD!) yet, in response to this, I feel an unfamiliar dampness somewhere between my nose and my eyebrows.

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