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Daily Prompt: Tagline

by michelle w. on June 19, 2013

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ADVERTISING. 


If I could choose the tagline I would love the most for my life tonight, it would be Adventure Photographer. Being there, seeing it, and taking beautiful photos along the way to share with my friends. Yes, a person’s life does have many sides to it, like a beautifully cut diamond.  I would also be tagged Father, Husband, Christian, Pastor, RIder… all these things I am. But I would love to do Adventure Photography more often.

Well, it all started at a very young age. I saved, and bought myself this Olympus Trip 35 mm Imagecamera when I was in primary school… I did quite a few hiking trips with it, took it along to horse riding competitions in gymkhana (tent pegging…) It went with me through university.

ImageMy dad was always into photography. He bought himself the Canon A1 35 mm in 1981, he said that that was the best camera of the year. When he died in 1993, I inherited it. If did a fine job for me from then on, I even took a few weddings’ photos with it, I bought myself a Metz CT 45 flash to go with it, and got a very nice Tamron 38-100mm lens when a famous photography shop in Pretoria closed it’s doors…  (Foley & Law)

Then it just started to get too expensive to take film photos, and develop the roll to get a few nice pics. So in 2004 I went digital for the first time. I bought a Refurbished Canon Rebel XT from ebay, and had all the hassle of getting it through the South African Customs.


Some of the Canon products I have at home…

This camera got damaged in my Aprilia’s topbox, and it nearly cost the same as a secondhand Canon when I repaired it. BUt then the Camino was coming along quickly, and I needed something that could take the punch, handle a few bumps and be watertight for the rain in Spain… I bought myself the Canon Powershot D10.  All my CAmino photos was taken with a camera like this one… Image

Sadly, this camera was stolen from my house, along with it’s two extra batteries that I bought on ebay.  But the thief forgot to take the charger… idiot!

My daughter took the Canon Rebel Xt (350D in South Africa) with her for her course in GRaphic DEsign. But soon she said there is a focus problem. One of the people in my congregation said he is a Nikon fan, but have a Canon 400D body without a battery and lens just sitting at home. He gave this camera to me. I put in the 350D battery and lens, and sent it to my daughter… but still she complained about the focus. SO finally I bought her a brand new Nikon 3100d kit with both the 18-55 and 75-300 lens in it…, now she seems happy. She returned my Canon 400 D, but my Tamron 75-300 lens had a fall along the way- it is wasted…

.In the meanwhile, for my biking and hiking trips I bought the Canon Powershot SX 150 Is camera. It may not fall or swim, but it really does a good job for it’s price- all my biking photos this year have been taken by the Powershot.

Over the weekend I decided I still wanted to try and take decent photos of all the birds visiting my birdfeeders. I also want some sport photos. I looked on ebay and South Africa’s bidorbuy. But finally, over the weekend, i saw a Canon EFS 55-250 IS II lens for a good price at in South Africa. I bought it on Saturday. It arrived today. I am happy again!  (Look on the 400D on the right…)

Some while back I bought the 430 EX flash for my Canons, but my daughter is getting taught that you never use a flash…

So there you have it- my collection from the Canon family. I am happy with Canon, my daughter swears by Nikon… SO that was the advertising prompt for today- product placing might have happened by Canon, but the check did not arrive yet… Maybe they were not happy about the Olympus slipping by…

So sorry for not writing any more brightly tonight, we had that yearly meeting when 8 churchs from a region come together to report on our work… Very tiring indeed… And I still have to do that funeral service on Friday… So this is as good as it gets for today…

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  8. Good for you! You are doing a very good job. I love your post it reminds me my old cameras and my father’s cameras and brought me old sweet memories. Take care!

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