Public holiday- time to grind and weld again…

Today is a public holiday in South Africa. But I still have a lot of work to do. I am responsible to write the material used in our cell groups in church, and this is what is happening in my study…


The thing is, as a pastor I am a bit traumatized at the moment. There was an ugly car crash on Saturday evening, and a young mother of our congregation has died. She leaves behind two little daughters, and she was a single mother…  This really breaks my heart.  So I am having a hard time concentrating on the little book I am writing for the cell groups.

So, I decided this morning to get out the trusty old angle grinder and welding machine. The last time I attempted it, it turned out disastrous, with metal pieces in my eyes and a good dose of arc eyes thrown in as well. But kiwiskan has inspired me to feed the birds in my garden. I have a lovely view from my study window, why not feed birds there as well? SO I took some scrap metal and started playing with it.  This is the result of this morning’s activity. I had this old bracket for carrying gas bottles on my trailer, and I welded 4 legs onto it and painted it Oxide Red.

ImageYesterday I also looked at an empty Coke bottle, and started playing with a piece of wire, and a copper water pipe bend. This was the result: Image

To console me after the disappointment of not going to the Cape, I bought myself a Father Day gift and can’t wait for it to be delivered: a 55-250 mm Image Stabilized lens for my two Canon SLR’s- that I can attempt to take bird photos when they do come to visit these feeding stations…

This is the view from my home office’s window- just taken with my cellphone. Image

So, in some ways a productive morning, but the cell group guide still needs to happen soon…

Thank you all- My blog passed 10 000 views last night- I am excited!


7 thoughts on “Public holiday- time to grind and weld again…

  1. You are a strong person to have so much empathy and to still find ways to keep your hands and mind busy, and then take even more time to find a verse to give comfort to the people who need it so much. I hope the birds come soon and give you delight at unexpected times.

  2. Hang in there. It takes a while for the birds to trust you enough to come down and drink or eat, but when they do start they are wonderful. Sometimes it takes the words a while as well. There are no easy answers to death. I keep thinking of that verse ‘and underneath are the everlasting arms…’

  3. I am having an extremely hard day… I have to give a text verse tomorrow to the funeral directors for the young mother’s funeral on Friday. I am paging through the Bible, looking for anything that might remotely make sense or bring comfort. I saw the baby surviving the accident this afternoon, if you see photos of the wreck, you would believe in miracles too. But to lead a sermon this time… extremely hard!

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