Stop the Human Trafficking!

Daily Prompt: Bookworm

by michelle w. on June 16, 2013

Tell us about the last book you read (Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it?). To go further, write a post based on its subject matter.


I have finished David Baldacci’s The Forgotten in this past week.

It is one of the John Puller series, in which the main character is a CID detective for the US Army.  His aunt dies under mysterious circumstances, and he goes to Florida to investigate, in the ironically named town of Paradise. In the process of digging for the truth, he stumbles upon a large syndicate, dealing in human beings as modern slaves. Beautiful girls gets prostituted, able bodied men gets to be slave labourers, and ordinary people gets to be drug mules.

The book, in my opinion, was brilliantly written and kept me engaged till the last page. It is not that predictable, and have some serious deviations from what I expected. I really enjoy David Baldacci’s writing.

The subject of this book remains a huge crisis to this day. I think it would be heartbreaking to know how many girls in this world has been abducted, got to be hooked on drugs, and then sold off to the slave trade in prostitution.  So many people also disappear in our own country, and one of the biggest remaining mysteries in South Africa remains the fate of the six girls abducted by Gert van Rooyen in the 1980’s. This problem endures throughout Africa, South America, and the former eastern European states.  I think it could well be an international problem all over the world.  Young girls are taken against their will, and their families never have news of their fate again. ANd even worse, in places in Asia girls get sold by their own parents.

This remains, with rape, the most shocking human behaviour I can think about.  The solution lies in every community, caring for every child as if it was their own. And societies all over the world who will not tolerate abuse of any people in their midst. By cutting off the demand, supply should stop.  I wish and pray with my whole heart that this situation will change.

I really believe, on this Children’s Day in South Africa, that every child has the right to grow up free, without any shadow of sexual abuse or slavery endangering them in any way. May we never forget…

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