All in a day’s work…

All in a day's work...

Today is an extremely busy day. I am running around doing a lot of things. But this morning, one of the nice things I had to do was to visit an elderly lady on a farm. It is now winter in South Africa. This is what winter looks like in my world, it is a cool 18 degrees Celcius at the moment.  As I said previously on this blog: my wife has NEVER seen snow in person in her life…

As I left the lady’s house, this row of aloes just caught my eye. Unfortunately I only had my cellphone with me… but decided to try and share this moment with you anyway…

6 thoughts on “All in a day’s work…

  1. Winter at 18 degrees Celsius is just very pleasant. I would understand if your wife would like to experience snow in real life…being from the tropics I can still remember my excitement at my first encounter with snow when I just came here many, many years ago. 😉

  2. Soos jy sê: ‘Beauty is all around us’. Of dit nou een herfsblaar in ‘n flerts sonlig, of pragtige aalwyne teen die blou winterlug is. Dankie vir die deel.

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