The Big Bang theory proved to be… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headline

by michelle w. on June 10, 2013

Write about something that happened over the weekend as thought it’s the top story on your local paper.

Photographers, artists, poets show us something from your WEEKEND.


From our correspondent in The Bushveld Times

This Friday evening, the Big Bang Theory proved to be:

  •  True-   ImageThe Rider family was having their usual Friday evening Braai (Barbeque for non- South Africans). As they also wanted to watch a very special episode of Australian Masterchef, Season 3 (2011- only now reached South Africa), they decided to do things a little bit differently. They took the cars from out of the carport, and dragged their Weber Kettle BBQ there, to also have a view of the telly. Some nice Bushveld firewood were stacked and lighted with the gas pipe as seen in the photo, by their eldest son. He lit the fire, and then wandered off to do something else (like having a small crash with his dad’s pick-up…) The fire got bigger and bigger, and The Rider thought his trustworthy son was busy overseeing it. The family first heard a soft explosion. The gaspipe got soft in the heat, and the lighting device popped out of the gaspipe. Gas now flowed freely out of the pipe, ever closer to the open flames. It was a 9 kg LPG bottle, so the Rider feared for his family’s safety, sitting very close to the leaking gas bottle. He ran outside, and dived to grab the gas bottle and bring it to safety away from the flames. He intended to close the valve while doing so, but he was too late… the flames reached the spewing gas, and the bottle ignited in his face. Mr Rider is now through the river Jordan, playing harp in G mineur on a cloud above Clifton Beach. His family escaped unhurt but badly shaken. The church also needs to build a new house for the new pastor who will have to be called soon…  Both cars and both motorcycles also exploded in the Big Bang,  and is currently residing in the local junkyard…
  • Plausible–  As the Rider travelled through the air, he managed to reach the LPG Bottle in time. It did caught alight, but he managed to close the valve. In the process he got badly burned, and is recovering in the local hospital. Fortunately his family escaped unharmed, and no property was damaged.  The community wishes him a speedy recovery, and hope he gets some sense in his foggy brain…
  • False-  The Rider had one of the biggest frights of his life. He knew that his family was sitting in the television room just 3 meters away from the leaking gas bottle. When he heard the POP he immediately knew what happened. He jumped outside, grabbed the LPG bottle and ran a safe distance while frantically closing the valve of the bottle.  In this instance he was protected by grace, and nothing happened, except having a huge scare, a sore knee and his two new Cat boots suffering from scratch marks he picked up in the dive for the bottle. Things could have gone badly wrong, but it did not. It was quite a few hours later that the adrenaline left his body and the shaking started when thinking what could have been…

Well, I am writing this from home. So the Big Bang Theory, in this instance, proved to be _______________

Lessons to muleheaded self:

  • get a gasflow regulator on that bloody LPG Bottle.
  •  do not trust even a 17 year old to get your bbq fire lighted, do it yourself…
  •  tape the telly and enjoy a Friday evening without any other distractions when you BRAAI…
  •  Remember to black sam the oldest for the bump on the front fender of my bakkie… (Only Afrikaans people will get that one- sorry…)

12 thoughts on “The Big Bang theory proved to be… (Daily Prompt)

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  3. Ai ai ai!!! Amper het jy geleer om harp te speel op die wolkies! Baie dankbaar jy is ok want ek is regtig nie lus om aan n nuwe ds gewoond te raak nie. En wie sal vir ons Bybelstudie gee?

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