Peaceful… weekly travel theme

Ailsa have this wonderful travel theme for the week; Photos depicting peaceful…

Some of the most peaceful times I have experienced in my life, happened during my Camino de Santiago in 2011. That was what I came looking for!  And I found it, walking the ancient ways alone…


Peace is shade on the road of life…


Peace is standing beside still waters…


Peace is not the absence of a storm, but finding shelter IN the storm…


Peace is a simple meal when you are hungry…


Peace is a place to hang your hat, and a safe place to sleep at night.


Peace is reaching your destiny…


And yes- peace is stripping off your old clothes, jumping naked into the ocean at Finisterre…


Peace is found in the ocean, behind the harbour wall, just as I am… the dusty journey behind me…

3 thoughts on “Peaceful… weekly travel theme

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