Four Stars, lets make that 4.12432 stars (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Four Stars

by michelle w. on June 6, 2013

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.


It is the Year of our Lord 2057. It is the arrivals desk at the Pearly Gates.  Saint Peter stands there on duty, with a thick, thick folder in his hands.

A 90 year old man has just gone through the river Jordan (or the Styx, or the Ganges, or whatever river suits your persuasion…)  He was destined to live for another 12 years. But somehow he has managed to first do a perfect doughnut, then a Stoppie, with his brand new Harley in front of the old age home.

But as he was performing his best wheelie ever, the new young blond nurse walked out of the front door, and bent over to pick up her pen. As his worn out eyes could vaguely make out that beautiful twins that the Song of Songs talks about in Chapter 7, he has lost control of the bike. The one moment he thought he saw perfection, then there was a crash, followed by darkness, followed by blinding light.  He opened his eyes and there Saint Peter stood with the Book of Life of The Rider…

“First of all- I must say, that was the best attempted wheelie in the history of mankind for a 90 year old! Congratulations! The doughnut needed a bit of work, but then you do have an excuse- brand new tires just don’t spin as they should… but you are 12 years early… what to do, what to do…? I’ll have to phone a Friend… ”

After a while, Saint Peter came back. He has gotten the shorter version of the thick Book of Life. The Readers Digest Condensed Book, if you like…

  •  The RIder broke a lot of laws in his life. There were a few hundred thousand instances where he did not obey the speed limit.   There were a lot of reckless driving, starting at the illegal age of 15.  There were tens of thousands of stop signs ignored.  There were even a few falls of bikes, some of them were due to that one brandy too many on a rally.   He even stole from the State sometimes, by speeding through the toll gate without paying… Verdict; Guilty!
  • The Rider had a bad temper some days. That was even more evidently so in that thousands of confrontations when one of the South African Minibus Taxi’s crossed his path. Usually without any signals involved, and sometimes making U-Turns in front of him. This usually resulted in The Rider flipping the driver The Bird. Or the Middle Finger. Or what other vulgar hand signal will translate to your persuasion.  As a pastor, he should set an example to the younger Christians in the flock…  He remembered a few dark words from his days as a bus driver and a steel factory worker, and sometimes used them to explain something to an idiot… Verdict: Guilty. (But Saint Peter thought to himself Eish… those taxi’s would cost me some holiness too…  only SAFFAS will get that one…)
  •  The Rider mixed with all people. He lived for new experiences. Yes, he did go to the bad motorbike rallies, like the Poison in South Africa…  He was seen at places his elders thought he did not belong… He even walked through Amsterdam’s Red Light district to see what the people are up to there. He tried to drink every beer available to mankind. He was too stupid to find a “daggazol”, a marijuana smoke, otherwise he would have tried that too.  He read books that was forbidden to read- he even read “50 Shades of Grey” to see what all the hoohah was about…  Verdict: Not Guilty for the mixing with all people- Jesus also mixed with all the sinners. The Rider saw himself as the biggest one of all… Guilty on all the sinning stuff…
  •  The Rider sinned in his mind.  His thoughts were not always that pure. He looked at a lot of women, and thought they were very beautiful indeed.  He considered women to be the most beautiful of all the Lord’s handiwork,  and he appreciated beauty… sometimes with a naughty thought flashing through his mind…  Verdict: Guily- (But then it could be said in his favor that he only loved one woman from the age of 21 for the rest of his life…)

So it looked pretty bad for the Rider… Guilty on nearly all charges…

But then, across the cover of the Book of Life, there stood the words in bright red letters: “Saved by His grace…”  And that cancelled out all the other Guilty Verdicts, for the price was paid in full… Tetelestai…

Come in, my son, come look at the Ride we have prepared for you!

Ps. I saw my friend Korrelkop Kahuna‘s bike as well, but they said it was still a long time before he could take possession of it…

PPs… As I walked in, I heard Saint Peter mutter: “Damn, that wheelie was gooooooooooooooood!”

24 thoughts on “Four Stars, lets make that 4.12432 stars (Daily Prompt)

  1. For you my friend, I’ll walk through hell. But for that ride I’ll go to heaven. I wonder how well it wheelies?

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