Remember your blessings… and share…

I have this Bucket List on my blog. Places I want to see, Things that I want to do. Some experiences that I want to have before I kick the bucket one day.  And I like to blog about those things, it is so nice to talk about.

But it is also necessary to talk about the other side of life. It is good to have some balance.  I sometimes look at other people’s new cars, beautiful homes, awesome travel experiences. Sometimes I wish it could be me, having, going, living…

But… we live in a very broken society in South Africa.  There are a lot of really poor people all around us. We have something like 5 million tax payers, and more than 16 million people on some kind of welfare grant.  I am a tax payer. I have had good opportunities in life, to study, and to have a job. Others did not have the same opportunities. And they look at me, and see somebody who have much more in life than they do.

What do we do about it? I could truthfully say I worked hard for what I have in life. Despite all the political stories of this country, I did not get anything for free. I am blessed. But others did not have the same opportunities that I had.  So yes, I also have a responsibility to those who have nothing. Our church really tries to help. We have a feeding scheme going on in the local squatter camp. We try to bring some people hot food in this winter times, and this morning one of the ladies of our church also gave out a lot of  blankets. It must be really cold living in a house made of tin sheets.

This is what really gets to me this morning- I dream of tasting a lobster. Some of these children dream about a hot cup of soup.  I dream of treating my wife for one night in a luxury hotel, and these kids dream about sleeping warm enough…

I think we may enjoy the blessings that we receive in life. But I also believe that we have a responsibility to share our blessings with others. It is a very complex situation in South Africa. The government gives a grant for every child in a needy home, and a lot of people have lots of children to get more money.  But the children of South Africa had no choice in the matter, being born, in such bad living conditions. Too long this country has been divided into black and white. The need is not just in one racial group- there are a lot of poor people of all races. Hunger is hunger, and cold is cold, no matter what the color of your skin is. We try to help wherever we can, through various projects in our community.

I just feel the need to share this today- I am blessed. I need to be a blessing to others as well.  I can not make a difference in the whole country. But maybe our church can make a difference in some people’s lives. And that is what I dream about- helping to be a part of the solution…

Some of the photos taken this morning:Image




Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica

17 thoughts on “Remember your blessings… and share…

  1. God bless you for the work you’re doing with your church. I was just writing my bucket list and reading this reminded me of something I forgot. Sad that I forgot to add something about helping others as one of the things I wanna do before I face my Maker.

  2. The need to count our blessings is something which most of us are aware of but thank you for the very touching reminder

  3. Struggle takes on many faces in different countries – but this is extremely heartbreaking to me. To see this everyday on your doorstep , fine we learn and my parents tell me I have a lot to be appreciative for, but there is always that distance that allows me to turn a blind eye. Thank you for sharing this, I don’t know what else to say.

  4. Hi, Rider.

    I remember walking out of San Antonio TX air-conditioned airport (after my first ever flight) and seeing a massive car park full of posh cars. I thought ‘What could I do with one of those!”
    God whispered, “That is how the people of India see you. Don’t try and make those ends meet. What I’m doing in England I’m doing in England. What I’m doing in India I’m doing in India.”
    It was a liberating moment.

    • Hi Andrew- thanks! But this is the thing: this is just 3 km from my home… This is our community- we are called to be a part of this problem’s solution. So it remains a bit of an internal struggle, hopefully leading to more action…

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