Lets visit… Eaglevlei near Stellenbosch

My wife and I have this wonderful opportunity to come to Cape Town. A congregation has invited me to lead their Sunday morning service.

To afford the air tickets, we had to come a little bit earlier, as the tickets get really expensive over the weekend self.

Yesterday morning we had a little bit of time to explore. It was a rainy day in the Cape. But we really enjoyed it a lot…

Our first stop was at Eaglesvlei. And here is some of what we experienced…




Here we had some breakfast. The restaurant is really stylish, with a comfortable fire burning in the fireplace on a cold day like yesterday was really special…IMG_0025

My wife decided on the health breakfast- stewed fruit with muesli and yogurt with honey…


And I went totally out of my comfort zone. There was a starter: Snoek is a very delicious Cape fish. They prepared Snoek and Feta Samoosas, with caramelised cabbage, served with a mango and lime salsa…


Eaglevlei is a working wine cellar, but they do things with such class…





We have done a lot more than this yesterday, but today is really misty- not one photo yet today, we are staying indoors at a friend… So later on I will share some more. But Eaglevlei- definitely worth a visit!

8 thoughts on “Lets visit… Eaglevlei near Stellenbosch

    • Net jammer dit was so kort! Hierdie trippie Kaap toe was maar nie ‘n groot kuier ene nie, my senuwees was te klaar om goeie geselskap te wees. Maar altyd lekker om jou raak te loop!

  1. Beautiful photos! That reminded me how much yummy and really unusual food I’ve eaten in SA.
    Oh, and I liked the way your wife’s “health breakfast” was so heavy that the stem of the glass was bending under the weight!!!

  2. Jammer Son, ons ry reg voor jou huis verby! Maar jy is mos by die werk, en ek handhaaf ‘n baie lae profiel om my varkies op hok te probeer kry vir Sondag…. Sien baie uit om jou daar te sien!

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