The Cape of Good Dreams

I do not have the ability at the moment to post photos. But I had the most awesome day with my wife in the Cape. We are staying with some of our oldest and best  friends in the Cape…

The flight last night was extremely crowded. On the budget airlines they really cram a lot of people into a Boeing!  You really sit on the lap of the person behind you! And they fit three people on seats just a little bit wider than my toilet seat at home…  The flight was  a bit bumpy with a good smattering of turbulence thrown into the equation… Fortunately I had 2 airline pilots in my church at a time, and the one with the most experience on Boeing 747’s assured me that he do not know of 1 airplane that was ever lost due to turbulence alone. So I just imagined being on a roller coaster, continuing to read my Kobo reader.  Finally we landed. Boy, do passengers make it difficult disembarking an airplane in South Africa. They wait for ALL the rows in front of them to get off the plane, get their luggage at the carousel and then find the taxi home. Then they will slowly arise, and start slowly, slowly to get their luggage from the overhead storage bins, standing in the middle of the aisle, so that no one may pass… It takes forever…  Flying on  a domestic budget airline is not fun… Cape Town’s airport was extremely windy as always but the pilot did an excellent job landing us… as they said in the First World War: Any landing you cab walk away from is a good landing…

But today really made up for it! It was a rainy day. We had the most awesome breakfast at Eaglevlei. We then went on to the Muratie cellars, and then lunch at Franschhoek. I took the most beautiful photos today, come back soon, I have such lovely photos and experiences to share when I reach a wifi zone…



11 thoughts on “The Cape of Good Dreams

  1. sommer hier by my, Franschhoek is my tuisdorp, en ek is soos jy nou op ‘n happy place is, elke dag van my lewe op my happy place, mannas ek en klonkie het in die Kaap (Paarl) kom kuier toe was klonkie so 4jaar oud en net een jaar daarna het ons hierheen getrek en woon nou al amper 21jaar in Franschhoek en ek gaan nou nog op my kniegies en sê dankie vir my Hemelse Vader vir die voorreg om die pragplek my tuisdorp te kan noem…… vir al wat ek weet stap ek dalk iewers verby jou en vroutjie en ek sal nie eers weet nie

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