Cape Town here we come…

Cape Town here we come...

Table Mountain

Tonight, my wife and I are flying to Cape Town for a long weekend.  A congregation of a small town just outside Cape Town has invited me to come and deliver Sunday’s sermon.  It is a great honour and privilege to be asked, and we are really looking forward to Sunday.

So if I do not blog till Tuesday, just know that I am in a happy place… 🙂

Cape Town friends- any suggestions where I can eat Lobster/Crayfish/ Kreef at a reasonable price- it would be nice to get #19 crossed off my Bucket List…

13 thoughts on “Cape Town here we come…

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  2. Geniet! Glo alles sal baie goed afloop. Pak net ‘n warm ding in – die Noord-Wester is op sy stukke klink dit my. Niks wat ‘n behoorlike glas rooi wyn en ‘n kaggel nie kan kafdraf nie.

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