The Journey… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Journey

by michelle w. on May 26, 2013

Tell us about a journey — whether a physical trip you took, or an emotional one.


I have had so many smaller journeys on the One Big Journey of Life.  I had a hard time to think about which one to share. And then I decided to share the first one, when leaving my parents’ house.

I had finished matric, and also had my first stint at Iscor, the South African steel producer.  But it had also been a traumatic Christmas holiday- we buried my youngest sister after she passed away from cancer.  And two weeks later my first girlfriend in my life broke up with me, the day before Christmas. Talk about finishing your school days with a bang…

In these times I had to go on towards my adult life, leaving the security of childhood in the past.

I had enrolled at a university 500 km away from my parent’s house.  There are only 3 universities in South Africa where our church train pastors. I chose not to go to the nearest one, because I wanted a clean start in adult life. Some of my interpersonal experiences in the high school just made me want for a totally new environment, without having to bump into some school day enemies…

At the University I went to, first year students are not allowed to bring cars onto the campus. I also still had my old trusty Honda MB5, which was much lighter on the juice… much more affordable transport in the city for a student anyway.

So the first real journey in my adult life was when I decided to ride the bike to University.  The old 50 cc’s were not fast, and also not fun to do a long distance trip with. But I just had the need to do it. I was overwhelmed with a lot of emotions I can not even today begin to describe… Extremely sad about my youngest sister’s death. Absolute terror for the hazing I knew was coming in the university dormitory. Fear of leaving my old world behind to start something new.  Hope for the future, a new chapter in my life was beginning. Looking forward to meeting the famous university girls. Maybe one day meeting my future wife…  Fear for the Greek and Hebrew that were waiting for me (and it was much worse than my worst nightmares!)

With that beautiful mixture of flavours in my emotional condition I said goodbye to Mom and Dad, and my middle sister, and climbed onto my MB5 to ride the road to the future…


And like Forrest Gump said: That is all I want to say about that…

PS. It took me about 8 hrs to complete the journey…

18 thoughts on “The Journey… (Daily Prompt)

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  7. And as Forrest Gump also said ” Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what is coming next”. En in die woorde van Louis Malherbe ” Die lewe saam met die Here is n avontuur want jy weet nooit wat voorle nie, maar wat jy wel weet is dat dit aan die einde goed sal uitdraai!

  8. A very moving post. Curious do you by any chance know my Dad’s cousin surname Changuion who I think runs the Biker church

  9. Middle sister just had a walkabout in Croatia! I wish I could also go there, her photos are awesome… So sad that she don’t want to blog- she has quite a lot of stories, having me for her elder brother…

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