To Flaneur our Home Town… Dad vs Daughter, Canon vs Nikon

My daughter is studying Graphic Design, and Photography is one of her main subjects. She is home on a week study leave from university. Photography has always been my hobby as well, although I now had quite a few years in which I did no active photography- just taking pictures of travels and holidays. So, to spend some quality time with my daughter, we went on a walkabout in our home town.

I see the grand word for it on WordPress is to “Flaneur”. What does it mean? Flâneur (pronounced: [flanuʁ]), from the French noun flâneur, means”stroller”, “lounger”, “saunterer”, “loafer”. Flânerie refers to the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations. (Wikipedia:

We picked one of the seemingly ugliest parts of town, and walked down about 200 meters down the bottom end of our Main Street.   It was actually a challenge- the old man with his old Canon 400D, against the young rising star with her brand new Nikon D3100.  We could photograph anything, or anybody (with their permission of course) in this stretch of road.

You can be the judge who won this flaneur photo competition. It is now autumn, but we slept a bit late for the best light- the lighting conditions were very harsh. But we tried to give a reflection of what we saw…  We only had standard lenses on the cameras, no telephoto or macro capabilities. I did use flash sometimes, my daughter did not.

Dad’s Photos:

  1.  Image
  2. Image
  3.  Image
  4.   Image
  5.  Image
  6.  Image
  7.  Image
  8.   Image
  9.   Image
  10.  Image
  11.  Image
  12.  Image
  13.   Image
  14.   Image
  15.  Image
  16. Image

And now: Daughter’s photos:

1.  Image

2. Image

3. Image

4. Image

5. Image

6. Image

7. Image

8. Image

9.  Image

10. Image

11. Image

12.  Image

13. Image

14.  Image

15.  Image

So- dear readers- the question is: who is the best photographer- Dad or daughter…

Actually- I do know the answer… 🙂

Ok, let’s rather ask- what photo did you enjoy the most, and why?

PS- to answer Natasha- Yes, the Youth can still do unusual positions…


43 thoughts on “To Flaneur our Home Town… Dad vs Daughter, Canon vs Nikon

  1. Different perspectives… having photographers (many of them) in my extended family, I know that seeing things through a lens is different for all. Yours are great, but your daughter’s view is incredible. Her eye is trained to see things uniquely, and your eye may be just a bit rusty, not gone by long shot, just a bit on the rusty side… I loved this post, thank you for participating in the blog party, so glad I found your post! DAF

  2. If one compares the two where you photographed the same subject – the Kois and the stop signs – it is clear that you are out of your league, sorry to say. Your daughter is obviously a natural. You had a few nice one’s though. I especially liked the bicycle spokes and the close-up of the steering wheel.

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  5. Rider: 3, 7, 12 and 13. My favourite is 12, with 13 a close second. You have empathetic and natural approach with people.
    Daughter: Most of them, but 6, 9 and 14 made me go back for a second look. The koi is my choice.
    I like the more unusual camera angles and more vivid colours she managed.
    Overall winner is your relationship I think, for sharing these precious moments having fun together.

    A great project – I’d love to see more such little contests.

  6. I like your # 7 and ALL of your daughters! Ha! Especially: #s 6 #5 #14 #9 (great depth of field on 5 and 9- and I love koi, great capture!) Also like the color contrast in # 15!

  7. Ek weet van kuns boggerol, en van fotografie nog minder, maar ek weet wat vir my mooi is. Jou nommer sewe met die speke is vir my mooi. Die effek van doggie se nommer 5 met die net die middelste skakel van die ketting in fokus het my hart gesteel.Die appel val duidelik nie ver van die boom nie

    • Dankie! Ek dink ek moet nou doelbewus weer bietjie begin fotos neem, ek het die walkabout saam met my dogter verskriklik geniet. EK was net bang ek gaan niks fotos sien om te neem nie, en dat sy my alie baie harder gaan skop…

  8. I liked the one with the 2 black people on it best, so relaxed.The saddest was the dead cat.But all the pictures are very good, all ask for a second look, all tell a story of things iin your town.

    • Thanks Marjolijn! Yes- sorry about the dead cat- but that was part of our self-chosen assignment- a photo of anything on that stretch of road… photography is also about the negative things in our world… I chose to walk by the cat…

  9. Wel ek is glad nie n foendi met fotografie nie-n foto moet sin maak em mooi wees. So van jou fotos is die windpomp mooi want dis iets wat ek ken, al sien mens baie min van hulle deesdae en van jou dogter die kat want ek is baie lief vir katte.

  10. jou fotos ook vrek mooi, maar het jy gevra wie wen … sy wen … maar nie so ver nie hoor … he he … 😉

  11. Wow……

    Okay, jou fotos: die trekker se stuurwiel is vir my vrek mooi, amper nostalgies. Nommer 7 – ek het GEEN idee wat dit is nie, maar dit is visueel aantreklik, en dan die windpomp. Dit is sommer net ‘n stunning foto, ek hou van die komposisie, maar ek sou gekroek het en die bome links onder uit ge photoshop het. 😉

    Jou dogter se fotos: Ek hou van die kiekie van jou, dit is hoe jy is, gemaklik, effens misterieus en beslis stout. Die ketting wat die blou lug bo inhet is fantasties, die trekker wiel een is regtig vir my ‘n fenomenale foto, die manier hoe sy die lig vasgevang het om die foto amper ‘n sepia tone te gee is stunning.

    Albei se stopstraat fotos is stunning, maar jou dogter se foto wen, ongelukkig – die KLEURE is lewendig, asof iemand dit so geverf het. (okay, iemand het…. Ons Skepper is darem maar ‘n wonderlike kunstenaar!)

    Die fotos is baie anders, so om werklik te vergelyk is onregverdig, maar sy het beslis ‘n oog vir mooi hoeke, komposisie en kleur. Joune is net so mooi, ek hou van die temas van jou fotos. Mens kan nogal die verskil sien tussen julle perspektiewe. Ek sien sy gaan le sommer maklik op die grond ook om die regte foto te kan neem…

    Wel gedaan aan julle albei!

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