Score an Own-Goal Blame the Goalie- (Daily Prompt)

by michelle w. on May 22, 2013

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?


The Rider was born in February 2013, when my previous blog in Afrikaans were the subject of a Church investigation.  It appears that I have used some dark Afrikaans words, like calling people @sshole, or “thunder” or “lightning”…  I was so tired of all that Sierra Hotel India Tango that I started blogging in English.

The goal of this blog was this- I love blogging when on a journey- it helps me to remember what I have experienced. It helps me to focus while on the journey, the experience gets much more intense when you have to share it with somebody. So The RIder was born, to tell the stories of where I have been.

This primary goal is still the main focus- to enjoy travelling the journey of life,  describing it as I go along, from my point of view.

The second goal was to reach people. I have installed the Revolver Map App- to keep track of where in the world my readers are reading from. I set myself some challenges (red dots in the dark spots…) , to learn more about the world, and all it’s people. I love to read about different places, and see the photos of people living there, or travelling through at the moment.  I learn a lot in the process, and I love hearing people’s stories, seeing their personality reflected in the way they present their blog and content….  The second goal is also reached. But this does not mean it would have to stop. I love hearing the stories, it is so much better than the daily news of our South African newspapers, filled with greedy politicians and criminals…

The third goal developed recently. I love trying to write something in the Daily Prompt.  We live in a part of South Africa where English is seldom heard. English is a second language for me, and if I do not use it, it gets really bad… So- I now have the challenge to write in English to improve my English abilities. And as I can not speak Chinese or Spanish, this is the one world language in which I can communicate with the widest possible audience of fellow travellers…  I love speaking to the people on the Camino de Santiago, as this was one of the biggest experiences of my life in 2011.   I love this goal of attempting to be a little bit creative every day, honing my communication skills.

So there- I am reaching my blogging goals, I am satisfied….  I follow about 300 bloggers, and also have 300 that follow me- it is so good to have some friends in places…


aa soccer own goal

18 thoughts on “Score an Own-Goal Blame the Goalie- (Daily Prompt)

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  9. laduma- a word you will want to remember…
    (la-do-muh) | “He scores! Shouted at every goal and originates from the isiZulu for ‘it thunders.’ ‘It’s in! It’s in!..

    It is in… beautiful words… 🙂

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