A helping hand- a second chance to live… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Helping Hand

by michelle w. on May 19, 2013

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.


I have wondered if I should ever tell this story of my life. It is so much easier to tell the good stories of life, love and happiness. That is the stories that are so easy to share,

But even in a pastor’s life it is not always just easy. The church should be a community of love and acceptance. But so many people can also tell the stories of hurt and rejection in the church.

I also had a very dark period in my life. There was a time in my life that I fell into the deepest depression. It was work- related.  It was not about anything I did wrong, but about who I am. My personality.  My obvious lack of ambition to be a leader of the biggest and best church in the whole wide world.  I am also not a good manager- my admin skills are pretty heartbreaking.

There was a motion of no confidence, which nearly torn the church in two. Some key relationships just did not work out… and I was in a position where I just had to endure and go forward. I could not resign, there was just no other jobs available to support my family. We are in the position where we study 6 years at university, at great cost, to work for just 1 firm, which in our church has an oversupply of available candidates… We are expendable…

I had nowhere to go, and not in favor with the leadership…  This really brought me to the deepest and darkest place in my life. Depression and suicidal thoughts- I know these well…

But, in this darkest time of my life, I was not left alone…

There was this one successful businessman on our church board which really cared about me. He was extremely worried about me at that time. SO he sponsored me to fly to Scotland, to a place who had this excellent program for burned out church leaders.   Some people called this a waste of money. But in a sense- it saved my life.

I flew from a place of extreme hurt, to an experience of love and healing. The place where the Ellel Ministries conduct this program was at the Blairmore House  at Huntly, Scotland.  It is an old mansion, on a beautiful piece of land. I flew there in November, in the autumn of the Northern hemisphere.  And this place is absolutely stunning in autumn. They really have the most beautiful autumn colors in nature. There is an excellent trout river flowing behind the estate. I went there for 10 days, and just had the chance to walk in nature, to have excellent meals of the highest standard. I also had the chance to be ministered to- just loving people caring for me, praying with me, and they did this just when I felt like it, without any pressure to attend any meetings…   The thing that hurt me the most, was the absence of love. The one thing that healed me, was the love of fellow Christians, from a different Christian tradition as my own.   Love really changes everything. It saved me.

Here is a few photos from that experience…


Blairmore House, Huntly, Scotland

This was the first time I have ever experienced this- being so far north, the sun did shine, but the light intensity was low, so the camera had to be held still for these photos. Some of them I could not hold still enough, being very shaky myself…  But they tell me a story…




In these beautiful settings I had the chance to walk around in nature, and through the helping hands of others, I had the chance to get whole again… 


22 thoughts on “A helping hand- a second chance to live… (Daily Prompt)

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  3. Dis absoluut wonderlik – die foto’s en die feit dat jy daarheen kon gaan. Ek voel elke dag al hoe meer ek het iets nodig soos die Camino – om myself net weer iewers te vind, binne-in myself.

  4. Thank you for sharing this very touching look into your life. It is always expected and believed that a man of the cloth never feels failure or depression. I am glad you had the opportunity to go, it looks like a fantastic place for anyone to rediscover themselves. Glad it all worked out and that you are in the spiritual and emotional place you are today.

  5. When we are hurting we don’t always need words, just a reassuring hand on the shoulder. Remember Job’s friends (in the Bible). They did very well when they just sat there in silence to comfort their friend. Then they lost the plot big time when they started to speak.

  6. I am so glad you told this story. My pastor recently went through a difficult time. I wish I had the money to send him to this place. Your photos are wonderful, I can feel the peace.

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  8. a friend of mine mentioned the other day that only one word comes to her mind when she compares our SA light with Europe’s light : HARSH.

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  10. Ai man, dankie so baie dat jy op so n eerlike en eenvoudige manier jou hartseer deel! Ek sien jou hart en daarom kan ek se dankie vir jou omgee en bereidwilligheid om altyd te help, selfs laat in die aand!

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