Feed your senses- (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

by michelle w. on May 18, 2013

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re leastdrawn to.)

Photographers, show us one of the five senses — bonus points for depicting a smell!


It is Autumn in the South African Bushveld. The sun rises at 06h50 over our town.  A slight wind is stirring through the trees. Outside my window the grass is covered with the golden leaves of the dying season. The colors of remaining leaves makes up a beautiful palette of the evergreens, red like a good cabernet sauvignon, orange and yellows.

The squirrels are busy from before sunrise. As the days are getting so much shorter, their blackberry calenders reminded them: time to stock the pantry. All available nuts and fruit are carried up the trees, carefully deposited in their hollows. The birds are singing a different song. The swallows are seen no more, they have left for their homes in Scotland, England, Ireland and Russia.  The woodpeckers are drumming their tune on the bark of the tree: new nests are prepared for the coming cold.  So many different kinds of birds are singing their song, maybe making sure their mate will stay with them through winter.

Through all this natural music I had to rise early, taking my kids to today’ rugby game in the neighbouring town. We had to be there just after sunrise…  It was spectacular this morning, and I did not have my camera with me. Outside of town it was still a little bit misty as the sun rose. The heavens showed the most beautiful pastel colours of reds, then pinks, then orange before turning into yellows just before sunrise.   The hills around our town shows different horizon lines, and they were different shades of blue, dark blue at the back, and getting lighter blue as they came nearer. The grass in nature has died, and it is long paintbrush strokes of golden yellow. As we crossed the bridge over the stream, the poplar trees still stood proud in their green dresses, fingers pointing upwards, telling stories of grace…

We some some warthogs running around playfully, the little piglets have grown a lot since I last saw them. Their tails straight up in the air, in good radio communication with their fat mother leading the way.

 A herd of impala stood near the fence, as usual the 5 rams stood one side in their own business meeting, the rest of the herd, ewes and lamb, minding their own business a good thirty meters further on.   As usual, the zebra and the blue wildebeest were seen together, running away in their partnership of mutual care- the one can not see so good, and the other can not hear so good- they protect each other.



Nature is playing a joyful game before going to sleep in winter.

Ok- I went for a stroll now at sunset and took this photo just outside our town, just to post something of my own too…


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  9. Sorry I could not take my own photos today- my telephoto lens has broken! If somebody have an old Canon EF 75-300 lens that is just sitting in your cupboard…

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