Bucket List Item #27 Kissing the Blarney Stone

Today’s Daily Prompt just don’t light any candles inside the dark and dusty attic in my head…    I just can’t write about that…

So one day I saw a sign in a little town in Far Far Away- the people there were emigrating to Sierra Leone, and sold all the belongings that would not fit into the shipping container. Some of my most cherished possessions were bought at such garage sales. It happens A LOT that people of my tribe get the feeling to go Walkabout on another piece of the world. These sales are quite a normal part of everyday South African life…

And there it was: a small model of the Blarney Castle where the famous Blarney Stone resides in  Ireland. The touristy type of junk you buy on a vacation, and leave above your fireplace  to gather dust. This old memorabilia were practically on offer for a few cents. And it prompted memories of a travel in our lives.   I bought it, and a few cans of Guiness, and we had ourselves a lovely Irish evening on that holiday. The next morning my head felt like a little Leprechaun had hit me with an ugly stick… Blarney Castle model

Now the real story- My wife’s little sister is living in Ireland, she and her family are now Irish citizens.  And as families tend to do, we had this great longing to go and visit them. In 2006 we went over to Britain, and Ireland, to visit our sisters… 2006- come to think of it- that is a LONG time ago… gears in my head starts spinning, I feel the birth of a crazy idea coming on…

IN any case- my wife just wanted to visit her sister, and stay in her home, for a whole week.  So I went on a walkabout in Ireland, I hired a car, and drove around the country- 2 hours later I was back in Sligo… 🙂  No, it took 3 days- the Irish are very very patient (read slow) drivers in the countryside…

The one experience I want to share, is Bucket List number 27.  The legend states that if you go and kiss the Blarney stone, you will receive the kiss of the gabb. Well, as a pastor, I need to speak publicly a lot. And no, I do not believe that is where my inspiration comes from, but, as I was in the area, I went there…

It is a beautiful castle, and it was a beautiful day in July that I visited it.

Reis 2006_326 And Yes, I did lie down on my back and kiss the stone. And no, I did not pay the huge amount for the photo of it. And no, it did not improve my verbal skills at all…

And as I walked away, I turned around and took a last picture of it, glad I could tick this one off…

Blarney Stone 2

But I still look forward to my visit with the Green Lady of NYC… that one is not even on the horizon yet… (Bucket List Item #44)

Ps. The beautiful Blarney Castle model is made by: www.vivmarston.com  an is a real piece of art, not like the plastic models for sale at the tourist shop at the gate…

14 thoughts on “Bucket List Item #27 Kissing the Blarney Stone

  1. Dit is n land wat ek nog wil besoek en Skotland (my Skotse bloed!). As ek my bucket list so kyk dan wil ek lag en huil terselfde tyd as ek somme maak van jare nog beskikbaar en geld wat gaan verskyn uit die niet! Miskien moet ek dit op my bucket list sit – nog baie jare en so n miljoen rand of 2!

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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog islandhoppingingreece. I often wish I had a better camera. It’s high on my list 🙂 Oh Ireland and the people of Ireland – I hitched around the entire island (even the north!) in 1985. It was beautiful, charming, and people were incredibly friendly, especially outside the major cities. In particular, I loved the western part where we rented bicycles that weighed a tonne. The days always seemed to end in a pub, drinking guinness. It was so much fun.

    • Thanks for visiting! Buy an older decent camera on ebay! Something like a Canon Rebel XT/ 350D or Nikon D3000… I love Ireland, and my wife is taking longer everytime she talks to her sister on the phone… Maybe I must go to Ireland with her, and then from there fly over to NYC and make some more Bucket LIst Items come true… Just that usual small little problem…

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