London Eye- November 2006

London Eye- November 2006

It was a cold and dark November day in 2006 that I visited London. I had just returned from a retraite for burned-out Church leaders in the beautiful Scotland, and came to London to visit a friend on my way home…

The London Eye was also on my Bucket List, and I paid the price, and took the Ride.  But man, was the weather depressing!

Today I do not have too many words… my son is turning 17 today, and when he has finished his rugby practice, we will spend some quality time together.  Why this photo today?  My mood feels like November London weather…  I hope your’s is much better!


3 thoughts on “London Eye- November 2006

  1. vanoggend het die Kaap soos Londen in November gelyk.
    Ek het daardie wiel so een kyk gegee en besluit dis net te veel moela wat hulle daarvoor vra

  2. I hope that your mood has lifted. There is often also beauty in a grey day, or at least it makes us appreciate the sunshine more

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