A Statue tells a story… but what?

Yesterday I put on a photo of a statue- a man and a boy in front of the Cathedral in Léon. But where does it stand, and what does it mean, I asked.

I have this overwhelming curiosity in life. When I think up a question, I just have to have the answer!  And I still can not find anything on this statue on the Internet in English- maybe Spanish readers or citizens of Léon would be able to help.  What is the purpose or meaning of this statue? Image

This morning I travelled to Léon by Google Maps. Here is what I found- I did remember the place of the statue correctly:


The adress is 7 Plaza Regia, just next to the Cathedral. It is in front of the Seminar San Frollan. I sincerely hope it is not about the Church dragging boys into the priesthood!  If it is about education, why are they looking away from each other?  Is it depicting the generation gap?

I am now really intrigued by these questions and hope somebody from Spain/ Léon or a Pilgrim will go find the answer for us?

Meanwhile- have you ever came across a statue that intrigues you?

A while back I posted on Belgium, and this one statue still makes me smile.Image

It is so appropriate for a university town- the student does hold a book, but is rather feeding his brain with some drink… 🙂  That is what dads pay so expensively for! In Pretoria and Stellenbosch there are two student bars, known as “Evening Class” and in all the bathrooms the students post their tests that they failed…  It is not a good idea for any parent to visit these places, although the food is excellent and the drinks not too expensive…

All my travelling friends- you must have seen some statues that tells a story. And some statues that foreigners just can’t understand.  Share a little about that?

Still can’t find the statue- Look closely- there it is: Spain Googlemaps

Google Map link: http://goo.gl/maps/Px907


11 thoughts on “A Statue tells a story… but what?

  1. I love all your travel stories. I grew up in a very small town in the Free State and have never been out of SA. Even worse: I have never flown, not even set foot on a plate (bucket list item). Thank you for entertaining us with your travels

    • It sounds like I am always travelling! I am nearly always working, but take a lot of photos when I am out of my house. And sometimes, dreams like the Camino come true. I have this small fund that I top up with the money I get for weddings, and any loose change- it goes into my Bucket LIst fund. I am also blessed in that some of my journeys was Church and Mission related- and so I could see Belgium and Turkey… Then both me and my wife have sisters abroad, one in England, one in Ireland. And so we need to visit them sometimes as well.

      Dream the dream, and get a Bucket LIst fund…

    Father and Son
    This hyperrealist couple is Jesús Trapote Medina’s work. Made of bronze, it was installed in the Cathedral Square in 1997, raising a lot of critics and an intense controversy, both in the artistic and the social realms, since this sculpture, of scarce aesthetic value, only seems to play an ornamental role. However, it is one of the most popular pieces among tourists, who like taking photographs with this father and his son, who may symbolize, respectively, the past and the future.” Hier is die skakel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rayporres/8087129757/

    Nou ja Rider, ek is nét so nuuskierig en het bietjie gaan rondkrap en op bogenoemde afgekom. Miskien as jy nou die beeldhouer se naam verder gaan “google” gaan jy dalk op meer inligting afkom.

  3. do you know how to search on google images? http://images.google.com/imghp?hl=en

    it’s fascinating – you drag and drop an image – it then finds similar images. i tried this image of yours, but couldn’t find something. 😦 but worth trying – just try it on your side and see what comes up – it’s quite interesting. 😉

  4. I have seen that same statue in Léon, but it didn’t spark the curiosity in me as it did in you. A statue that I remember quite well was of Woody Allen in Oviedo, Spain. He is quite famous there for the filming of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and he brought attention to the beauty of the city. The statue sites on a pedestrian street, and he is supposed to be wearing glasses, but they are missing. My friend from Oviedo informed me that removing the glasses is something that happens when people go out at night and have too much to drink. — anyways, thanks for the post!

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