2006 Model Buell INtroduction day…

For many years I could not afford a motorbike in working condition. A good friend got some invitations from HArley Davidson for the introduction of the 2006 Buell models. This would take  place at Geroteck- a testing facility for all types of vehicles just outside Pretoria.

And so I was let loose on this Buell (was it a Lightning?) on a racecourse.Image

Having not been on a bike for a long time, the first few laps were absolutely terrifying. Even more so when all I could remember was that the equivalent of a whole month’s pay was being held as a deposit on my credit card, should I drop the bike…

But as the day progressed, so the old skills returned, and confidence soared…  I started to really enjoy this bike. It is not fast by any means, but being so short between the wheels, and with it’s low centre of gravity, it handled exceptionally well. I think these bikes would be a delight to play in traffic with, nipping between the cars filled with frustrated motorists.

At the end of the session I had to hand it back. Unfortunately for Harley Davidson, I have never been even close to a financial position to buy any new motorbike…

But this inspired me to start looking for a good allround secondhand bike. And so, I bought my Aprilia Pegaso shortly afterwards…  I would have enjoyed to own this Buell. But what happened to them all, I don’t see any on the road anymore? Where they abducted by aliens?


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