Success… (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Success!

by michelle w. on May 8, 2013

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did


I am not that successful a person- my dreams do not often come true. Maybe I dream too big. Maybe I dream too little.  I don’t know…

I read a fantastic book by Bob Buford, called “Half-Time”.  In this book the Author explores the mid-life crises. He uses the image of a sports game, divided into two halves. Usually a team goes back to the change room at halftime, and evaluate the performance of the first half. What was planned? Did the plans succeed? What went wrong? What can be done differently to win this game?  He says that it is important in life as well, to get off the highway, stop, and think about the course of your life journey.

I needed exactly such a challenge. I needed time away from the hustle and bustle of my everyday life. Time away from the cellphone and lots and lots of appointments. I needed time to become quiet, to get in harmony with the plan for my life.

So I decided to walk a part of the Camino de Santiago in 2011. I did not have nearly enough time to do the whole French Route from St Jean to Santiago. I only had three weeks available, and I am not a good walker- I am a Rider, remember…

Time was the first challenge, money the second. But if your dream is big enough, you find both to do it. So I booked a plane ticket to Madrid with some money our friendly taxman gave me back.  I took the train to Léon. And I started walking.

I expected:

  •  A time of quiet, to think about my life. 
  •  A journey through a foreign country and culture…
  •  A journey in faith
  •  an opportunity to meet people from around the world
  •  Eat some dishes I have only heard of before
  •  Get some of my emotional baggage lost along the way.
  •  Come back as a better husband, father, pastor, man…

And yes, I think the result, as every peregrino will tell you, was SUCCESS. Because every pilgrim takes time to search for meaning for their lives, all of us usually find it along the way. The Spanish people along the way are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Their greetings of “Buen Camino!” to a total stranger, the food they leave along the way just to bless us- that was such an uplifting experience of the goodness of people’s hearts.Image

There was the opportunity to walk beautiful but quiet paths, to have time to breathe some clean air, and to clear the mind of all the clutter… Image

.There was times of quiet reflection in holy places, like the Cathedral of Léon with the beautiful lead-glass windows and Gregorian music playing softly…


There was times I just stood in wonder in front of things much, much older than me…


Yes, on this journey I found my Way again…


I tasted some food I have only heard about before…

The Pulpo of Pulperia Ezequiel at Melide- World class!

Finally, I reached my destination- at the end of the world at Finisterre-  0.00 km left…


And that is one episode in my life that I got more than I wished for: Success!

12 thoughts on “Success… (Daily Prompt)

  1. Rider, my name is Jason and I work for Bob Buford. Congrats on your journey. Love this story! We are proud of you for applying what you read and making it happen. Always DREAM BIG!!!

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