The key to blogging: Respect (Daily Prompt)

Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

by michelle w. on May 7, 2013

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?


There are many millions of us in the WordPress family. We live all across the world. We are from every possible nation, race, religion, political view. We travel all over the world, and share our experiences on our blogs. We think our own thoughts, based on our own paradigm of life.  We cook and taste, then share recipes. We take photos, and admire the photos of others. We share books and poetry. We listen to music, all possible genres of it. . In our own little corner, every one of us has a place called Home. Ok, some live out of suitcases and motorbike panniers for decades (lucky them!).  Most of us has a certain country’s passport. And a certain address we return to, to work, to earn, to plan for our next trip from.

In this beautiful world we are the kaleidoscope of humanity. Each one of our posts represent a small part of the Story of Mankind. A small piece of history. A small piece of our own heart. We dare to say: Look world, here I am, this is me!

I try to remember that in every post I write. Yes, I am so used to my little South African town, that it can feel like the whole wide world to me. I can be so used to my culture, that I think everybody must think like me, and see the world through my point of view.  So it takes an effort to see that here- we are talking to one another. It is amazing to see the blog of somebody in Hawaii, which is 12 time zones away from me, on totally the opposite side of the world. It is so wonderful to read the story of somebody in Japan, or Moscow, or Peru- places I have never been.

So- when I write, it is always with the knowledge that I only write about what I know. There is so much more than that out there- so much other people see and do, that I know nothing about. I read blogs to learn more about life. I love people. I love hearing their stories.  So when I read, I read with RESPECT. I am not in their shoes, I do not understand their world in which they grew up. I do not judge,  I do not tell them the answers to their questions. I respect. I observe. I listen and I learn. And that enriches my life!

When I write, I write with respect for my reader. You do not have to share my point of view.  I tell it like I experience it, and you are more than welcome to have another, totally different interpretation than me.  That is what makes this world such an exciting place to be. If everybody was the same, all the food tasted the same, every building looked the same, what would be the point of travelling, and meeting new friends across the world?

So yes, dear new blogger- learn to listen with respect. Learn to write with respect. As you soweth, so shall you reapeth… (My Good Book: Galatians 6:7)

22 thoughts on “The key to blogging: Respect (Daily Prompt)

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  2. Thanks, Rider, for this well-presented outlook. I couldn’t agree more about respect – in all communications. There’s something more, too, that you ‘showed’ in your writing but didn’t ‘tell’ outright: appreciation for others!!! I loved the delight in your worded voice at all you can learn from around the world through reading the blogs of others. And yes, WP is a wonderful community in which to wander; I feel it is true to both values of respect and appreciation, all around.

  3. Well said Rider. And this applies everywhere not just in the blogosphere.
    Isn’t Akismet – the WP spam guard – supposed to weed out the trolls from our blogs? I ignore them if they manage to slip through 🙂

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  5. Read with RESPECT and write with RESPECT… I agree! The blogosphere occupies such a huge chunck of space making it impossible and unrealistic to expect every one to agree with us, although there are some basic truths or values, like RESPECT, with which we’ll find an overwhelming amount of like-minded souls to share with… aside from this, every other topic is open for civilized discussion… you are right on point with this piece of advice, thank you, Alexandra

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  7. Oh, I like your post a lot, the thoughts….. I blog about something completely different a more superficial and also my travelling post will appear just from time to time to share some photos. I would encourage people to travel no matter on which one budget. It is very liberating; it is making you rich, a better person, more tolerant and thankful.

  8. Hi michelle w.!

    Respect is what we need more on the social media world right now. There just are a lot of trolls who enjoy bashing others.

    Thankfully, there still are bloggers out there who uphold engaging and respectful commenting systems for their own blogs.

    Love this blog post. 😀

    • No, michelle w is at WordPress… 🙂
      But thanks for visiting. I agree with you- trolls without respect is why i quit my previous successful blog after two years- trolls started harassing me at work and home.

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