Let’s visit: Lesotho

Where is that? It is a small, small landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa.

But it never was a part of South Africa.  It is one of the highest countries in the world- if you climb the Drakensbergs to their top, then you are entering Lesotho. And so it was the only times I ever have been to Lesotho- those climbing expeditions crossing the border.

From the South African side, Lesotho looks beautiful with all it’s mountain splendor. Because of it’s hight above sea level, it can get extremely cold up there in the mountains.

The Basotho (people of Lesotho, part of the Sotho speaking nations and cousins to the Tswana of Botswana…) have their own unique style of hut they live in…

This would be a typical Lesotho scene- riding on the small but sturdy Basotho pony, past these distinctive huts…

One of Lesotho’s main economic activities is supplying water and electricity to South Africa, via the impressive Khatse dam hydro-electricity project. Image

The people weave a most distinctive hat from grass, resembling their huts, and so part of their identity that the hat is on their national flag- much more peaceful that the AK 47 on Mozambique’ flag~

Lesotho has just onder 2 million inhabitants, making it number 146 th in the biggest countries of the world- population wise.

Wikitravel states that the BAsotho people is a peaceful nation.  But people planning to travel on motorbikes through there- the children of the country have this nasty habit of stoning passing bikers. And be very careful of your luggage when travelling there…

Things to see: MAseru– the capital, where South Africans went to gamble when it was still illegal in SOuth Africa…  Pony rides and sightseeing at Khatse, Thaba Bosiu is a historical place of Battle between the Basotho and the people of the Free State- a dispute of cattle theft that still continues to this day… Semonkong- Maletsunyane Falls– one of the highest single drop waterfalls in the world, Sehlabathebe National Park is a good place for hiking, just be extremely well prepared for bad weather.

What to eat- there are several Western Style restaurants in Maseru. But if you eat there, you are a sissy!  Rather find somebody local who will make you some of their food. You need to taste the cuisine of the country you are visiting to call yourself a worthy traveller! This websitetells you more about Mosotho cooking:

This is one typical dish (with a recipe…) :

And when in Lesotho, you might just see a famous looking Englishman there- I am not sure exactly who, but nowerdays every Tom, DIck and Harry want to visit Lesotho…

Just be careful in the winter here:

Before I forget: the local beer: Maluti Premium Lager-

images (4)




Enjoy your visit, and thank you for Flying with Rider’s Virtual Airlines…

9 thoughts on “Let’s visit: Lesotho

    • Lesotho is a sovereign African state that has never been colonize. I can’t see how race can be “vs” privilege in this country. This should be the one place in Africa where someone could live their lives free from racism and reach for their dreams, judged only by character and performance.

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  2. Rider, you are really going all out, hey! Hiking, biking, cycling and now flying? We visited Lesotho about two years ago, entering through Sani-pass. It really is a beautiful country. And something that I will always remember is the pink blossom trees – every hut had a few trees in full bloom. I don’t know if it was peach trees, or ornamental blossom trees, but the overall picture was lovely. And of course the blankets. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Most enjoyable.

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