Don’t be an idiot, Idiot!

I found out something the hard way.  A Masters degree at university does not guarantee you are clever, and above stupid mistakes…

On Friday, I posted about my day off birdfeeder project, and mentioned in passing that I suffer from Arc-eyes. Well, over the weekend it got worse, not better. Usually I recover in 48 hours from this affliction. But yesterday afternoon it began to really hurt, and last night was pure agony.

When I woke this morning, my right eye felt good. But the left one like something from a horror movie- pink, bloodshot, and left me screaming like a baby from pain.

So I ended up this morning in the famous Pretoria Eye Institute. THe good news was: yes- the arc eyes healed nicely. But- there were two foreign objects in my left eye. Like in angle grinder sparks- pieces of iron. It embedded itself in my cornea, where it prompty started rusting in the salty watery environment that is my eye… The eye started an infection, maybe the body’s defense mechanism against foreign objects. And this infection ate through 50% of my left cornea in 48 hours.

I am so glad I didn’t wait till the eye specialist come to our town tomorrow. It is really hurting, and I am typing this with one eye clamped shat and the other about 20% open.

So, dear readers- learn froim my mistakes. Do not think that this sign is not applicable to you:


You are an idiot if you think: I do not need a safety goggle. I have done this many times before, and got away with it.  It is only small sparks, what harm can it do? It can only happen to someone else…

This time, I am someone else.

I have been an idiot. And I am paying the price…

And now I can’t even read some of your wonderful blogs…


14 thoughts on “Don’t be an idiot, Idiot!

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  3. Eina! Maar ek glo jy het nou geleer dat sweis sonder beskerming n no no is! Sterkte en glo jy gaan nou beter as ooit sien – sal selfs nie meer n bril nodig he nie.

  4. Nee wat Ruiter – idiote leer nie, jy het geleer. Dit is die fundamentele verskil = ) As jy dit egter WEER doen en WEER arc eyes kry dan my liewe Ruiter – dan is jy ‘n idiot kwadraat. Sterkte met die oog – dit kan ‘n blikemmer wees so geroeste oog (pryslose beeld by de way)

  5. Siestog – en toe spot ek nog boonop met jou arc eyes. 😦 Dis baie goed dat jy redelik gou oogdokter toe is. Ek hoop jou oge word splinternuut gesond.

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