The lighter side of Belgium…

My previous post was a bit traumatic and heavy- so sorry… it is part of life though…

Belgium can seem to be such a grey and dark place, mainly due to the weather.

But Belgium also have a lighter side. As said in the previous post, in 2004 I still only used the old Canon A1 film camera I inherited from my dad. Film development was expensive, so I did not take nearly enough photos…

But here is some just to balance my blog- the deadly seriousness of war with the humor of life, and love…

Student fun- in a university city of Belgium this statue- was it in LeuvenImage

The ladies of the night also took in students- and for them this statue… ImageMaybe Brussels’ most famous landmark?  Manniken PisImage

I only spent an hour or two in Brugge, and I wish it could have been at night- for it is a beautiful photographer’s paradise at night- as you can see in that Colin Farrell movie “In Brueges…”

Brugge is famous for it’s lace, and chocolate. I love chocolate… ImageAnd next door to the chocolate shop is the beershop. This is one thing the Belgians are excellent in- there are hundreds of beer on the market, and good manners dictate that each one of them are drunk out of it’s own glass… Just a portion of the shop… Image

So yes- the Belgian weather can be atrocious, but the people can have an excellent sense of humor!


5 thoughts on “The lighter side of Belgium…

  1. I love to visit places I’ve never been as well. Thanks for liking my post on Mexico- I may have to explore Belgium some day as well.

  2. Lovely post.
    Have rushed through Oostend on a tour of Europe decades ago. Shall have to return someday, to properly experience Belgium 🙂

  3. Yes, I agree about the lighter side of Belgium. Been there several times now and enjoy it every time. Saw your Bucket List – if you come to Germany for Oktoberfest (we have a huge one here in Stuttgart) DO NOT bring your bike! Ha, Ha!

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