Friday morning is for the birds…

Friday is my day off. That is if there is no funeral to lead, no serious crisis in the congregation, no church meetings like a Synod, no fundraising event…. Sometimes I even get to have a day off on Friday…

This morning I decided: I need to be creative with my hands again. There is just one serious problem with that- I have NO technical ability whatsoever. And no art talent at all.  But- the need to express myself remains…

I do own a welding machine. Also two angle grinders- a big one and a small one. In my back yard there is also a heap of old scrap metal. And in the garage I do have old, old tins of paint. i think some of these paint were used to paint the Colloseum in Rome when it was first  finished.

I live in an area that is widely known for it’s variety of wild birds. There are really hundreds of species of birds in the Bushveld around us. I love birds. I even tried for a while to breed birds, but that is another sad, sad story.

So this morning early I jumped into my oldest clothes. I grabbed my angle grinder, and soon the sparks where flying. Fortunately nothing caught fire this time…

And soon, the picture in my mind started to take the form I wanted it to be. No, I do not have tha ability to first draw a plan on paper. And no, I could not find my tape measure anywhere- I have three sons, remember?

So I just cut some pieces of metal in roughly the shape I wanted them to be, and then welded them together. A boilermaker or welder by trade would cry in their beer right about now- sorry guys (and girls- remember the original Flashdance movie?) Image

I do not own a work bench with any kind of clamp. I also can not find my welding gloves anywhere. So it was really a struggle, keeping the iron upright between my toes, welding it without burning my little toe too much…

After a few hours, and utilizing a lot of scrap metal, and an old numberplate, my artwork is finished. I found an old, old, old can of white enamel paint. When I opened the lid, the sight inside resembled something out of an Alien movie. But Sigourney Weaver did not beam down to rescue me.  Unfortunately, neither did Milla Jovovich…  I stirred the paint vigorously, and finally something looking vaguely like white paint emerged. This I painted onto my creation. Half on me, half on the ironworks. As usual;

I also had a tin of Massey Ferguson Red enamel somewhere, but my youngest painted his guns with it a few months ago, and forgot to close the lid. So, dear 3 readers, my wild birds will just have to stay in the White House for now. (Does the FBI still check up on all things with the words White House in it on the Internet? Hi guys!  Can I get a Green Card and a job in Montana? Please?  Can I go into the Witness Protection program?  And get a new identity?)

In any case- this is the sin I have committed with the Lord’s good gift of Iron ore…


I really think this is a piece of… art! I did my best, I expressed myself. And I am feeding the birds at the same time. I really just think it needs a red roof. What do you think?

The Ayes have it- the roof became Post Office red…

But now I find I did not do it careful enough… I have a serious problem with arc-eyes!  It feels as if I swam open eyed through the Sahara desert!

24 thoughts on “Friday morning is for the birds…

  1. Ek is in ‘n ligte histerie Ruiter, maar die knalrooi dak pas soos ‘n handskoen en ek luv dit!! Leser nr.3 het waar as wraggies nou hierdie prentjie SO nodig gehad op hierdie Maandag van alle aande!! Bless jou en die uhmm birdfeeder ! = )

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  3. Hi Ewald, ek is mal oor jou voel voerder! Ek en Lex bly op ‘n plaas, Katjiepieringkloof, net buite Pretoria en ons woon binne in ‘n inheemse bos van 27.5 hektaar. Ons is dus geseen met baie voels – ek hou ook daarvan om hulle te voer! Groete Karen

    • Baie welkom hier Karen! Ja, ons is geseënd met baie mooi voëllewe in hierdie omgewing! Ek hoop regtig veral die blousysies en die vuurvinkies ontdek die voerder vinnig!

  4. Ag nee wat jy het niks om oor te worry nie. As jou base jou ‘fire’ het jy n ander uitkoms! Welgedaan – n baie mooi ‘birdhaven’. Ek glo die voels gaan dit toesak sodra hulle uitgefigure het dat dit vir hulle bedoel is. Jammer oor die oe-hoop nie jy preek more nie.

  5. I think the birds will be mightily impressed with their new house. Nice work. Now that you have arc eyes, can you see around corners? It will come in handy when checking up what your kids are doing.

  6. It looks great to me.How did the birds react? No vervets around?A job WELL DONE.
    In het Nederlands Goed gedaan jochie.

  7. If you walk away from a break-it-yourself project without some minor burns, bruises, cuts an scratches you haven’t tried hard enough. If you manage to walk away with all your limbs and digits still attached it was a good day. Now from where I’m standing it looks like you’ve done it exactly right.

    As for the birds, they are neither professional welders nor professional painters. They’re not going to mind their new hangout one bit.

    High five and well done. Now that you’ve done this, changing a fan belt and accelerator cable on the old volla should be a walk in the park

  8. Now waiting for the first bird to arrive… contemplating if I should buy a can of red spray paint for that roof? Everything else on this artwork was just laying around…

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