Old Die-Hard needs new life!

Let me introduce you to my very first car.  Image

This is my 1968 VW Beetle 1500 (a Bug in the USA?)

I have known it for all my life, as my grandmother bought it brand new when I was 1 year old. My grandmother suffered from diabetes, and in the last chapters of her life became blind. So when I got my drivers license in Matric, she gave this car to me.  Here it is, standing outside our dormitory at University. (Circa 1986)  Bumper stickers were HUGE in those days. The car’s name was Jeremiah, as it was a Lamentation to get it to start in winter, and to keep it running with my limited mechanical skills…

I had this beautiful little car as a student car, but my mother became worried I would roll it, as Beetles are prone to do with young drivers behind the steer…

She gave me her car to go to university with, and for a few years used this Beetle to pendle between home and work.

After my father died, I got my Beetle back. It still (at the moment!) only have about 90 000 km on the clock. But from years standing in the rain, the body is in serious need of attention.

Now my son, aged nearly 17, is falling in love with my Beetle. My grandmother would never imagine this car would still be around in the 4th generation!

We now need to fix the accelerator cable, which has broken in 1992, and I fixed it then with a piece of wire laying next to the road. That wire was untangled to remove the engine at the end of last year, when some gaskets needed replacement, due to such a long time standing still.

I think I also need to replace the fanbelt, as it is nearing 30 years old.

This car would be a very good project to do with my son, and then I will give it to him.

There is only one problem: neither of us has any technical skills whatsoever!

I had a look at a Youtube video just now on how to replace the cable, but even that guy broke down in tears, and began sniffing the fuel fumes instead.


So- I smell the beginning of a new adventure. Can this Beetle still be fixed? And can we get it to do a Road Trip?

Watch this space…

Wheelbearings being replaced earlier this year

7 thoughts on “Old Die-Hard needs new life!

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  2. Lyk of die Beetle ernstig hospitaal-tyd doen met die ambulans en noodvoertuig so rondom. Geniét die projek met jou kind. Priceless memories. I also had a white Beetle (second car), but model and year? I don’t have a clue.

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