Where peaceful waters flow…

One of the most beautiful mental pictures I find in the Bible is the one David used in Psalm 23– where he says the Lord leads us beside quiet waters…

In my life, I have found much of the peaceful moments next to streams, waterfalls and pools. This makes a lot of sense if you grow up in a hot and dry country. When I go on holiday with my family, I love camping near water…

While I was browsing through some old photos, I came across these I took on one of our family holidays, taken in 2008. The place: The beautiful Royal Natal National Park, Mahai Campsite…






May there be peace on earth!

10 thoughts on “Where peaceful waters flow…

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  2. Wonderfull place this must be!!

    I share your passion for flowing water streams.. its always nice to be in close proximity to a small stream or a large river.. i especially love the mountain creeks in the Alps in Switserland.. cold but crystal clear, with beautiful surroundings!

  3. I saw the first photo before I read your insert… I knew I know where that is… couldn’t be any other place than beautiful Mahai…. We were there a couple of years ago… great relaxing weekend!!!

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