Monday Morning Travel

Today, I wish I woke up with my bags/suitcase/ backpack already packed, the tickets/travel vouchers/ passport laying on top at the front door, ready to go.

But alas, sometimes it is necessary to do some work, to collect holiday time and money.  How would it be to be Paris Hilton, jump in daddy’s jet and fly off to daddy’s hotel  on the other side of the world, for their high tea is so good…

This is the Monday morning blues speaking. I feel grumpy, and jealous, irritated and frustrated this morning. That is why I usually spend Monday mornings behind my desk in my office, and not on appointments with real people… Monday morning I need help myself, I am not able to give help to others…

My reading of other people’s blogs do help though. Just to imagine there is a big, wide world somewhere behind my back door, and someone else, like you, dear reader, is sittng at totally the other side of the world, and reading this grumbling blog before going out to a party with friends on the beach, around a huge bonfire… Do you hear the sobbing in the background? That’s me… Image

Other readers are saddling their motorbikes for a drive around South America. Actually- they would still be sleeping… Sherri Jo’s KTM is fixed and ready to go! She is on her way to the Iguazu Falls in Brazil today…

One dude has painted Mount Fiji…



Megan  is out on the Appalachian Trial, doing her dream walk meeting some weird people…


While Niceguy is floating on a boat/canoe/ship/yaught/ battelship/cruiser/dingy somewhere in paradise in the East:


 Yes, today would be much better spent trying out some totally foreign (to me) cuisine like the street markets of China, you know- eating Maltese Poodles and such stuff…

 But if I could really, really have one dream come true- oh come on, bear with me, I need to survive today somehow! One dream I would love to come true- hmmm (long pause, making coffee…thinking so hard that the smoke tendrils are coming out of the ears…)

Yes! This is it… Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii! And no, I am not that old…

dolphin Hawaii

What would you rather do today, if it was totally up to you, and money was no concern? 


21 thoughts on “Monday Morning Travel

  1. Man I’m exactly where I want to be in the world, but so tired from over training that I can’t enjoy it today. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow. I hope Tuesday is better for you than Monday!

  2. I totally understand your Monday morning blues… I feel the same way!!! Today it is especially bad… when you drive to work and you thermometer in your car registers 3C, and the weatherman announces that the high for today is 3C… You realize that is as good as it’s going to get… bummer!!! Hope you got through your Monday OK… mine only just starting!! 🙂 **

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  4. Selfmedelyde help jou niks.
    When I became a christian 36 years ago, I soon realised my mood should not depend on the weather, or my hormones. So I asked the Lord to change me, because I couldn’t imagine Jesus being grumpy in the morning.And He has helped me.One of the things that help is thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for this day, for a good nights sleep, for breakfast. It is raining, but we need rain, thank you for the rain. Bless the day in Jesus name.Tell HIM of all your dreams, places you want to go to 🙂 He might send you there. But don’t sulk, it’s a waste of energy.And the devil looves it when you are in that mood, when I am in that mood. No, satan I do not want you on the couch….Jesus King of Kings, GLORY Hallelujah..

      • Just remember that this blog is not about selfpity, but a way I have of enjoying the beautiful world that the Lord has made, and that there is so much to see and do out there. I am not in any way really jealous of other people being there, I am just imagining what they must be seeing/ experiencing/ tasting… I do get some time to travel, and while I am at home, busy working every day, it is just fun to read about travelling, daydreaming a little bit about other places. You see- we in South Africa’s rural places are a bit isolated from the rest of the world. My blog takes me on journeys I can not afford…

  5. Nou toe, raak stil en vind jouself! As al jou awesome preke en Bybelstudies gebore is op n Maandag (grumpy dag) dan mag jy maar op daardie dag grumpy wees – moenie verander nie, want dit is wie jy is. Geniet jou grumpy dag en lekker reis die wereld deur!

    • Nie regtig grumpy nie, het net twee baie laat aande deurgewerk en is bietjie moeg. Maar daar het baie goeie goed al gebeur in die studeerkamer vanoggend, baie dinge is uitgesorteer en die Bybelstudie is klaar uitgewerk… In my week se ritme is dit net beter om Maandae aan die admin goeters aandag te gee en dit klaar te maak. Admin was nog nooit vir my lekker nie, dis die deel wat ek as “grumpy” beskryf, maar julle ken my, ek kan mos lekker oordryf op my blog… 🙂 Nee, sit lekker met Vangelis musiek hier, en werk ‘n hoop vensterkoevertjies deur op die oomblik…

  6. Hmm, sounds particularly grumpy on this bright Monday morning….. Ek jok oor die ‘bright’, dis lekker rokerig in die groot stad 😦 en ek sit in ‘n kantoor. So, geen studeerkamer en rustigheid vir my nie. Count your blessings, Rider! Bewys maar net weer dat jy nie ‘n oggendmens is nie:)

    • Dankie, ek is eintlik baie geseeënd, veral dat ek my eie dagboek mag bestuur. Maandagoggende moet ek maar more se Bybelstudie solank uitwerk, en begin beplan wat ek Sondag gaan preek. Ek moet ‘n stapel korrespondensie deurwerk in my eposse, en rekeninge betaal. Ek moet kyk hoe lyk volgende week se beplanning om afsprake te begin reël. Ek moet so ietsie teologies probeer lees om darem net by te bly met ontwikkelinge in die kerk. Hierdie goeters groepeer ek maar op ‘n Maandagoggend dan hoef ek niemand in die gemeente bloot te stel aan Grumpy nie… Vanmiddag is ek weer beter, dan gaan kuier ek vir die siek mense in die gemeente. EN vanaand alweer huisbesoeke/ opvolg op krisisgevalle… Dit gaan maar ‘n lang, produktiewe, en dalk moeilike dag raak. Daarom is hierdie eerste uurtjie of twee maar my stiller tyd in die week! 🙂

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