The early worm gets caught… Daily prompt

Daily Prompt: Your time to shine… Early bird, or night owl? 

I could never be described as an early bird.  I hate waking up before the sun.  Fortunately I don’t live near either of the arctic regions where the sun could disappear for weeks on end! I love waking up due to natural causes. There is a historical reason for this state of affairs. And it goes like this:  I always loved having a little bit of extra spending money. You know- that extra few litres of fuel for my motorbike, to see more of the world with. Money for another book, to take me places I have never been. A flower for another beautiful girl… okay, that last one is just fantasy, if I get to do it all over again that one would get more attention…  So, to afford it all as a schoolboy, I had a newspaper route. In summer it was good, the sun rises early, and the morning air was not that hot yet. But in winter, riding around on the frosted grass, with freezing fingers, nose and ears- that cured me forever of being an early bird. As you know, it is the early worm that gets caught by the bird…

Image photo:

I usually wake up around my third cup of coffee. This can be quite dangerous, because my body would have left the bed without me, sometimes to go cycling, or doing other early chores. Sometimes my body even interacts with other people while I am still sleeping.

After the third hit of cafeine: BAM! I am awake. Now I am ready to change the world. A long and productive day follows, and then, after 11pm, I go to bed.

I would much rather be described as a night owl. Once the hamster is steadily spinning the little wheel inside my mind, it is difficult to stop it.  Around and around and around it goes.

Image Graphics: Spinning it’s way through all that I have experienced that day- while being awake, that is…  Thinking of al the good things I have seen that day. Beautiful people, beautiful places, inspiring songs or words.  The dark thoughts also creeps up on me- the sad things I have seen, sad people, the hate and cruelty some people causes in this world.

I have read somewhere that it is healthy to have a mental enema before going to sleep- to leave all the negative thoughts and actions of that day behind in the past, just keeping the positive that happened for the journey of tomorrow. I try to do that.  Sometimes it is just so hard, kicking some bad things out of the mind.

I try to read something good before bed. Or listen to something good. Or… have you ever read Solomon’s Song of Songs book in the Bible? What a good book! What a way to end the day…

So yes, I am for the nighttime. I am alive after five… pm…

Marc Chagall: Song of Songs


4 thoughts on “The early worm gets caught… Daily prompt

  1. I like that: before going to sleep letting go of all the negative thoughts and actions and focusing on the positive. I enjoyed this post and the Chagall drawing. -Maureen

  2. Nee wat, ek is nie n naguil nie – my bed roep te hard en ek is geleer om te luister as daar groep word!! Werk baie beter vroeg oggend saam met rustige musiek. Rustige nagrus ruiter.

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