The Artist

Some days just work out differently than planned. Sometimes the change is quite good for you as well!

I live in a smallish town in the Waterberg region of South Africa. Most of my working days are spent in our town, visiting people, helping wherever I can.

One of the ladies of our congregation invited me and my colleague to go with her, visiting an old friend.  He is a widower of 82, clustered in a wheelchair, living alone on a small farm hidden in the hills. That sounded exciting, and so we went.


The picture of the road to his place was taken through the front window of the car.

We were blessed with such a lovely morning. This man is an artist, and his medium is oil painting.  He has the talent to make a baobab tree come alive in his paintings. Most of his paintings are landscapes of the Limpopo region of South Africa, above the Tropic of Capricorn, where the baobabs abound in nature…

The baobab is one of the most fascinating trees in our country. The San people believed that God uprooted them, and replanted them upside down.  They are huge trees… ImageThese trees are so big that people has used them as a pub:


and also as an outdoor bathroom:


(both these images comes from the blog

I would have loved to take a photo or two of the artist’s paintings, but my cellphone’s battery died on me.

The Artist can paint no longer. He needs to stand to have the right perspective when he paints, and is no longer able to do so.  But his paintings still tells of a lifelong love of nature. His house is situated between some of the most impressive Bushveld trees. And the birdlife abounds, with the sounds of paradise as they sing their different songs…

The Artist looks content. He has lived his life well. He has loved.  When death arrives, he has no regrets of dreams not pursued of destinies not reached.

And that impressed me a lot!


5 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Dit sluit so mooi aan by gister se blog, Ruiter. As jy dankbaar leef, sal jy ook in teëspoed en ouderdom die mooi en goeie kan raaksien. But to live contented is, alas, not something that most of us achieve for the best part of our time here.

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