Word Riders Day 4 Eiland to Blyderivierspoort…

We departed this morning at 07h00 at Die Eiland Spa. It was another glorious day of biking. The ride started going  back to Letsitele, through some of the orange orchards in harvest time

We started our visits to 3 rural primary schools in the Trichardsdal area. It was extremely hot in this upper part of the Lowveld. I felt like that chicken I cooked last week in my Weber bbq…

The schools was another highlite of my life- it was so good meeting these eager young students, seeing the hope shining brightly in their eyes…

The ride was through  some beautiful scenery. From Trichardsdalvit was a bit frustrating, going through populated areas, dodging cattle and donkeys. Who knew a donkey could be so irritating!?

We stopped at Hoedspruit for lunch. This is a scenic little town, well worth visiting. From there we had an AWESOME ride to Blyderivierspoort.  Our fearless leader had a little misunderstanding with a Black Mamba, and fortunately this deadly snake did not rear up and bite…

We are staying at the Aventura Blyderivierspoort tonight. It has a beautiful view of the Blyderivierspoort valley and the Three Rondavels…

I am truly blessed! The three Sisters and the three Rondavels in a fortnight!


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