Camino de Santiago- Badges of honor…

My friends at toemail will probably not be interested in this photo. They only show healthy feet… But what is healthy feet exactly?

On the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrims wear their blisters with honor. We walked far to deserve them! And it gives a great opening statement at the Aulberge in the evening when you meet new friends: And how are your feet today?

This photo was taken next to the stream at Villafranca del Bierzo on the French route…


When doing the Camino, you will be extremely unique if you do not even have one blister! I sometimes had three on top of each other.

In the Army we drained our blisters and then injected it with methyolite- it burns like hell!  Fortunately the Spanish have Compeed in their pharmacies, a nice plaster designed to treat blisters.

All my pilgrim friends on the route- even the blisters are a part of the journey, and you will remember them fondly. So do not give too much attention to the pain and uncomfortable parts of the Camino, they serve as teachers of the Wisdom of Life. And it gives you great memories to bore your grandkids one day: Long time ago, when I walked the Way of St James, we had blisters the size of VW Beetle (BUG) hubcaps…

Buen Camino!

PS- that tracksuit pants is a genuine South African Protea Cricket team item- do not confuse it with any Aussie colours…  🙂


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