Friday bliss…

This is Friday, the day I usually exercise the most. But I am really lazy to get back on my bicycle after the Argus Cycle Tour… already I am throwing away the little bit of fitness I have accumulated for the race.  This is one of the reasons why… Image

Usually on a Friday I also need to finish my sermon for Sunday.  I have to get a Powerpoint together, and like to use some humor to get the message across. But this Sunday I do not have to preach-  a classmate of my university days will be doing it for me, as part of the Word Riders group. But as I played around on the internet this morning, I came across this beautiful Bible Story…


May you also catch a lucky break on this Friday!  Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday bliss…

  1. Hehehe! Wat was die lewe tog sonder humor. Lucky Herman! Geniet jou los Vrydag. Hier reën dit te heerlik – groot seen en my gunstelingste weer.

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