Remembering the Camino

Tonight I have read quite a few blogs of people on the verge of flying off to Spain, to start their dream trip.

In 2011 it was me! I had quite a struggle beforehand, because I am not usually a good hiker- I prefer to travel on two wheels… but it is very expensive to fly a bicycle over to Europe.  I had all these doubts- will I complete the journey, will I be able to get my Campostelo, will it be fun?

Everything I have read on the Camino told me that it was a life changing experience…

And so even I, the most unlikely candidate, a Reformed Pastor walking the path of the Romans- (dangerous people, those kind…) unfit, overweight, not able to say anything more in Spanish than : “Cafe Con Leche Grande, por favor…”.

And as I left on the journey, it became one of the best experiences of my life. Right up there with getting married to my dream girl, and attending the births of my children.

I tried to pack lightly, and still carried about 14 kg’s! If you want to enjoy the Camino, pack lightly!

The Camino becomes, to most peregrinos, a metaphor of life itself. And one of the biggest lessons is that it is important to let go. To cast off your burdens, to travel lightly. There will be shelter and food along the way, even if you can not see it when you set out early morning. You have to learn to trust: There will be a WAY!

And as a Reformed pastor, I really enjoyed the hospitality of the Spanish people. I experienced so much love and support along the way. I found peace and quiet in the cathedrals and the age old churches. I enjoyed the Pilgrim blessings along the way. And I found some of the answers I was looking for. The Body of Christ is much bigger, and sometimes much different than my own small point of view!

As I see the people packing and counting off the days, I feel that same longing again as two years ago. The Call of the Camino…

May you all planning to go, and leaving soon, find life, love, happiness and peace along the way!  Buen Camino to you all! Image

This is me, 2 years ago, on the second day after Leon…


3 thoughts on “Remembering the Camino

  1. Ewald, I now write on behalf of my usband Fons, who cycled the Camino. He started in Haarlem and did the Dutch part, then in the Spring he took out his bicycle and cycled the Belgian and French part. When the autumn came he took the car loaded the bicycle in it and drove to a French friend. There he left the car and cycled the Spanish part..I told him about you feeling the Camino calling you and he laughed. I have the same , he said, I will go once more.

    • Your husband is a good man! I like him more and more! He understands… I really want to walk the whole French route again, but will have to wait till my children have finished university- it is taking up all my funds….

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