Ecumenical Pastors Breakfast in the Bushveld

Big words- sorry! It means that pastors from different churches get together here in our region.  We do this on a monthly basis in our small community.  The initiative started with a dentist and his wife in our church, they own this beautiful resort next to our town’s dam.  They had this dream of bringing all the church leaders together on a monthly basis, giving us an excellent breakfast, and giving us the opportunity to get to know one another, pray together, and dream together about what we can do for our community.

It is one of the highlights of my month.  Every pastor, reverend, whatever title they may prefer, is welcome at this breakfast.  It is free of charge. And still- less than 20% of the church leaders feel the need to attend!  It is the old, old story of the church. This reverend do not want to attend, he does not wish to bee seen with the charismatics. That pastor do not attend, he doesn’t have time for all the churches who baptises babies. Some are too holy/busy/not interested…

But for those who attend, it is such a good time! We get to have a free breakfast, and excellent coffee. We get to share our experiences in ministry. We get to talk about things happening in our congregations, and quite a few new projects have started this way, with churches working together for the good of the community.  It is such a good time to network, share ideas, and generally just relax with people who knows our hearts and what we are going through… It is such a beautiful venue, about 15 km out of town, and the best partImage– out of cellphone reach!

I think it is so important for church leaders to work together in the same community. There are so many hungry people in our country, so many people with broken lives and hurts, and we are here to help them. We can do it so much better together, than trying to each do our own thing.

After the extreme heat of February (Southern Hemisphere, remember!)  today is such a lovely autumn day in the Bushveld region (from 130 km north of Pretoria, our Capital upwards)  We are experiencing another drought, but today is finally a little bit cloudy. But we are so blessed to live in this beautiful part of the world.

Just a picture of the road to our venue in the cloudy day…


Most people in the Northern Hemisphere could not imagine living here.  We have more than 300 sunny days a year- my sister lives in England, my sister in law  in Ireland, they miss this weather.  Winter temperatures could MAYBE reach -1 degree Celcius, but then the daytime temperature is still about 18 degrees Celcius. My wife have NEVER seen snow in her life in person, just on photos!  It has NEVER snowed in our town in history…

We enjoy rain when we finally get some.  We enjoy our two days of winter each year.  And we enjoy the multitude of different trees, and wildlife in our region…

It is good to be here, it is good to belong!


4 thoughts on “Ecumenical Pastors Breakfast in the Bushveld

  1. Ons is bevoorreg om in so n omgewing te woon en werk. Maar dit is so jammer dat al die geestelike leiers in ons dorp tonnel visie het (skuus miskien bietjie kras, maar dis hoe ek dit sien). Ons is almal lede van die een kerk-die Liggaam van Jesus. Maar dankie vir die wat die breer prentjie sien en dit uitleef!

  2. I wish we had it here, I know Fatherv will bless this.But the arguments are the same everywhere.Have a blessed time all f you.

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