Back to Work- can this also be an adventure?

The one thing I really love being a pastor, is to walk alongside people on the journey of life. I love hearing people’s stories!

And this week already has been one filled with stories. I have heard the wonderful news of young couples getting pregnant after such a long struggle to conceive- the beauty of new life!  We have a few new babies in the congregation- that is always exciting!

After our April School holidays I also heard about some of my friends’ holidays. One of our small groups have left on a journey in their 4 x 4’s to the Wild Coast of South Africa, one of the rugged but beautiful places of our country- they camped in their off-road caravans (what do the Americans call it?)

But I also have heard about parents who lost their daughter after a 7 month struggle in hospital.

My 3 sons have a friend, who is friends with all of them- he will come and visit and play with anyone available. His father died of heart failure over the Easter weekend.

This is the life of a country pastor in South Africa- we go through all the spectrum of emotions every day, sharing in the life and love, hate and death of the people who want to be in the church with us…

Now I am taking a breather, listening to a little bit of Mark Knopfler– Lady Genieva  (Kill to get Crimson, 2007)

reading a few blogs, waiting for my wife to return from the school where she teaches. After a late lunch I will probably take a power-nap, and then be off again to go listen to people’s stories, their life and laughter, their hurt and their pain… (with a heart full of holes… thanks Mark Knopfler!)

…and the greatest of these is LOVE… 1 Cor 13:13


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