Back home after our Road Trip to Cape Town…

Last night we arrived home after a very long 1126 km ride from Beaufort West. It was really a long day, as the Bakkie (Pickup truck) is very thirsty on the diesel if I exceed 115 km/ h with the trailer. I really feel that it is much easier to ride this distance with a bike, than a Bakkie…


The one fortunate turn of events will be that there will be no speedfines arriving in the post in the next week or two…

It was a good trip down to Cape Town. I enjoyed it that my wife could be in Cape Town with me, as it is a very special place to visit.  We really did a lot of things in such a short time.

But after a long trip it is also good to have a shower in your own bathroom, and sleeping in your own bed.

This morning I went to my own church- and did not have to be behind the pulpit. Our youth pastor had an excellent sermon, and much more, he got engaged yesterday…  Love is a many splendid thing indeed…

And now, I am busy with that other South African favourite, I am making a Potjie for my family.   We love to cook outdoors, in a cast iron three legged pot. It is such a lovely day today, blue skies, not to hot, not cold at all…

Inside the pot I am busy preparing a chicken dish, slowly cooking in some leftover red wine, with potatoes and vegetables later on… it is such a simple dish, but just hits the spot every time…  It also gives me some time to read a few blogs, and write this welcome home eulogy to our Road Trip!


I hope you have an awesome day wherever you are today!


5 thoughts on “Back home after our Road Trip to Cape Town…

  1. Thank you Ewald. I am happy you have come home safely and very tired , I think. And then a relaxed Sunday. Enjoy, all of you.

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